We are proud to announce LASS First Chair 2 (LASS FC 2), one of the 2 reduced sound sets of LASS Full 2‘s library.
我们很自豪地宣布,LASS First Chair 2 (LASS fc2), LASS Full 2的库中的2个减少的声音集之一。

LASS FC 2 features solo instruments performed by the section leaders.
LASS fc2的特色是由组长演奏独奏乐器。

Rather than sounding like “guest soloists,” these instruments sound like the first chair players they actually are, blending perfectly with the sections they came from.

While LASS FC 2 does not include LASS Full 2′s ARC (Audiobro Remote Control), all of LASS FC 2′s patches are the same as LASS Full’s “First Chair” patches… with the exception of not including LASS Full’s Stage and Color features.
虽然LASS fc2不包括LASS Full 2的ARC(音频远程控制),但所有的LASS fc2补丁与LASS Full的“第一椅”补丁相同……除了不包括LASS Full的Stage和Color功能。

However, we did add a taste of our new Color technology to LASS FC 2.
然而,我们确实添加了我们的新颜色技术的LASS FC 2的味道。

There is a new “Color” button that lets you use our Bat Man Color profile.

Pre-programmed Multis are included so you can simply load them up and play!!

LASS FC 2 is a great way to be introduced to the LA Scoring Strings concept and there is a dollar-for-dollar upgrade path (based on the current sale price of the product) to the full version of LA Scoring Strings (see store for more details).
LASS FC 2是一个伟大的方式被引入到洛杉矶评分字符串的概念,有一个美元对美元的升级路径(基于产品的当前销售价格)到洛杉矶评分字符串的完整版本(见商店的更多细节)。

Please visit the LASS Full’s 2 page to get an idea of what LASS 2 patches can do… keeping in mind that the ARC and Stage & Color are not included in LASS Lite 2 or LASS First Chair 2.
请访问LASS Full的2页来了解LASS 2补丁可以做什么……请记住,ARC和Stage & Color不包括在LASS Lite 2或LASS First Chair 2中。

(listen to LASS demos)

Here are some new features the LASS 2 update includes (LASS Lite 2 and FC 2’s features are in green – LASS Full 2 has all the features):
以下是一些新的功能,LASS 2更新包括(LASS Lite 2和FC 2的功能是绿色- LASS Full 2有所有的功能):

New exclusive reverb Impulse Responses.

We’ve included a single Color Profile (Bat Man) from LASS Full 2 that you can enjoy.

Pre-built Multis are already set up for you.

Legato Tremolo patches

Legato Trill patches

Micro Tuning and real-time performance of tuning.

A CC Attenuation knob that allows on to ride CC attenuation in real-time or after-the-fact for added dynamic control.

A new User Interface that is easier to read and more pleasurable to look at.

New Master Patches that consolidated articulation options that would have previously been on multiple patches.

Stage and Color – At the heart of Stage & Color is a collection of exclusive orchestral sound profiles (colors) inspired by famous movie scores and recordings.

Now, at the push of a button, LASS can adopt the tonal characteristics of some of the most coveted scores and recordings.

A new ARC (Audiobro Remote Control) master script that will allow for dramatically easier control of all sections and divisis from a single window.
一个新的ARC (Audiobro远程控制)主脚本,将允许戏剧性地更容易从一个窗口控制所有部分和部门。

Reverb and width controls of multiple patches from within the ARC.

ART programming of multiple patches from within the ARC.

CC Table control of multiple patches from within the ARC.

Auto Arranger control of multiple patches from within the ARC.

A new Key Switching approach of multiple patches from within the ARC.

Aleatoric (string effects) patches

A drastically reduced footprint of only about 18Gb due to the inclusion of NI’s NCW (loss-less compression audio file format) files.

We include the 24 bit files since it will be about 30% less taxing on your hard drive than a 24 .wav file.
我们包含24位文件,因为它将比24 .wav文件在你的硬盘上减少30%的负担。

We noticed no measurable CPU hit using the NCW files… and we did a lot of testing.

Many other new features and improvements

The main difference between LASS FC 2 and the full version is that LASS FC 2 does not contain the Divisi Sections or the Full mix patches or the ARC (Audiobro Remote Control – a LASS Full 2.0 feature only).
LASS FC 2和完整版本之间的主要区别是,LASS FC 2不包含division Sections或full mix补丁或ARC (Audiobro远程控制-一个LASS完整2.0功能)。

The chart below shows what patches and articulations come with LASS FC 2.
下面的图表显示了什么补丁和连接与LASS fc2。

All the “blue” patches come with LASS Lite 2 (the “green” are for LASS FC 2 and everything else is included in the full version of LASS).
所有的“蓝色”补丁与LASS Lite 2(“绿色”是为LASS FC 2和其他一切都包括在LASS的完整版本)。

LASS FC 2 is a Kontakt based sample library and runs on Kontakt 5.02 or Kontakt Player 5.02.
LASS fc2是一个基于Kontakt的样本库,运行在Kontakt 5.02或Kontakt Player 5.02上。

Kontakt Player 5 is available as a free download from Native Instruments’ website.
Kontakt Player 5可以从Native Instruments的网站上免费下载。

Whats the difference between LASS FC 2 and LASS FULL 2 ?
LASS fc2和LASS FULL 2有什么区别?

While LASS FC 2 offers you first chair (solo) patches, it does not contain the divisi ensemble patches or the “Full Mix” patches.
虽然LASS fc2为您提供首席(单人)补丁,但它不包含分区合奏补丁或“全混合”补丁。

Nor does it include the ARC (Audiobro Remote Control) which is a LASS Full 2.0 feature only.

However, the patches included in LASS Lite work exactly the same way as the same patches in the full version of LASS (minus the ARC)… there is no difference in the patch functionality.
然而,包括在LASS Lite中的补丁与完整版的LASS(减去ARC)中的相同补丁的工作方式完全相同……在补丁功能上没有区别。

You still get the great ART script and Auto Arranger script and every other script that comes with the full version of LASS… just not the divisi or first chair patches or the Stage & Color feature.
你仍然可以得到伟大的ART脚本和自动编排脚本,以及其他所有与完整版本的LASS一起提供的脚本,只是没有division或first chair补丁或Stage & Color功能。

LASS FC 2 is a downloadable library and uses the new Native Instruments NCW loss-less compression in 16 bit format to save you hard disk space and also reduce your download times.
LASS fc2是一个可下载的库,并使用新的Native Instruments NCW无损压缩16位格式,以节省您的硬盘空间,也减少您的下载时间。