混响也许是音频制作中最基本的效果。在过去的几十年中,一些经典的数字混响单元已成为专业混音工程师的主打产品,VerbSuite Classics 为您带来了它们的全部。

融合 IR 技术
VerbSuite Classics 与 LiquidSonics 合作,使用专有的 FUSION IR 处理技术捕捉模拟硬件混响音色的演变和调制特性。在盲比中,用户无法区分真实硬件混响补丁和 VerbSuite 捕捉到的混响效果。


这款美国制造的混响器首创于 1982 年,以逼真再现自然音效的房间而闻名。自问世以来,它一直是顶级工程师的最爱,在无数热门唱片中都能听到它的声音。

这是有史以来第一台数字混响的型号,在德国制造。尽管只有 16k 内存,但它至今仍被公认为音质最好的混响之一!它的音色浑厚,能轻松混入音源材料中。

当我们询问几位顶级专业人士,他们坚持要求我们在 VerbSuite Classics 中加入哪种混响时,这款 80 年代初德国制造的设备榜上有名!对于数字混响而言,它的透明度极高,而且以数字伪影极少而著称。我们喜欢它在人声方面的表现,但它在许多其他音源上也同样出色。


这是 80 年代早期著名的微处理器控制数字混响的型号。它的音色平滑而淳厚,在各种音源材料上都表现出令人难以置信的效果,其中最著名的用途之一是菲尔-柯林斯(Phil Collins)的《今夜在空中》(In The Air Tonight)中的鼓声。


BM7 混响模型是 VerbSuite Classics 的免费扩展。它使用公共领域的 Bricasti M7 Fusion-IR 直接从 LiquidSonics 购买,这些 Bricasti M7 Fusion-IR 捕捉到了许多人所说的音频制作史上最动听的数字混响。VerbSuite Classics Fusion-IR 扩展包与取自这一著名设备的几种静态脉冲响应包不同,它再现了该设备调制的真实音色和特性。

FG-3000 和 3500 扩展包
用于 VerbSuite Classics 的 FG-3000 和 FG-3500 扩展包为 Slate Digital 的武器库增添了另外两个传奇的数字混响箱,包括 40 个使用 LiquidSonics Fusion Capture 技术的新混响补丁。

3000 和 3500 是标志性的录音室效果器,出现在太多的名曲中。它们独特的房间、板块、大厅和特效将为您的混音增添难以置信的空间感、立体感和刺激感!

FG-224 和 224XL 扩展包
最初的 224 数字混响可以说是历史上最富传奇色彩的数字混响之一,由业内一些顶级工程师混音的成千上万张热门唱片都使用过它。VerbSuite Classics 新推出的 FG-224 和 224XL 扩展包包含原始 224 和更广受赞誉的 224XL 装置的完整融合捕捉,听起来绝对令人难以置信!这些附加的混响效果为 VerbSuite Classics 带来了更强大的功能和灵活性,并为您提供了更多创造性工具,让您的混音更具宽度和深度。


* 运行时无需安装 iLok 驱动程序。

* 与合法版本相比,我们的版本加载速度更快,内存占用更少。

Reverb is perhaps the most fundamental effect in audio production. Over the past several decades several classic digital reverb units have become staples for professional mixing engineers, and VerbSuite Classics brings you ALL OF THEM.


VerbSuite Classics is a partnership with LiquidSonics, and uses proprietary FUSION IR processing to capture the evolving and modulating characteristics of the modeled hardware reverb tone. In blind comparisons, users could not differentiate between the real hardware reverb patch and the VerbSuite capture.


This is a model of what many consider to be the industry’s most standard reverb, and one that is still popular amongst top pros even today. This reverb has several programs that share a distinct and classic sound due to the unit’s unique modulation characteristics, which help it cut through the mix.


First created in 1982, this American-made reverb was known for its realistic recreation of natural-sounding rooms. It’s been a favorite of top engineers since its creation, and has been heard on countless hit records.


This is a model of the first ever digital reverb, built in Germany. It’s widely known as one of the best-sounding reverbs even to this day, despite having only 16k of memory! It has a thick tone that mixes into source material with ease.


When we asked several top pros which reverb they insisted we include in VerbSuite Classics, this German-made unit from the early eighties made every list! It’s incredibly transparent for a digital verb, and is known for having minimal digital artifacts. We love it on vocals but it’s great on so many other sources as well.


This extremely rare Japanese-made reverb has been the favorite drum verb for many top pros. They have had mechanical issues and are very hard to find, so we were lucky to capture a unit in perfect condition. Not only amazing on drums, but fantastic on guitars, piano, and vocals!


This is a model of the famous microprocessor-controlled digital reverb from the early 80’s. It has a smooth and lush tone that is incredible on all types of source material, and one of its most famous uses is the drum sound on “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.


This is a model of a modern Danish digital reverb powerhouse! This reverb has several programs that are incredibly realistic, smooth, and deep. Amazing for small and large spaces alike, you’ll find an enormous amount of use for this incredible reverb!


The BM7 reverb model is a free expansion for VerbSuite Classics. It’s available directly from LiquidSonics using public-domain Bricasti M7 Fusion-IRs, which capture what many say is the best-sounding digital reverb in the history of audio production. Unlike several static impulse response packs taken from this famous unit, the VerbSuite Classics Fusion-IR expansion pack recreates the true tone and character of the unit’s modulation.

FG-3000 & 3500 Expansion Pack

The FG-3000 and FG-3500 Expansion for VerbSuite Classics adds another two legendary digital reverb boxes to the Slate Digital arsenal including 40 new reverb patches that use LiquidSonics Fusion Capture technology.

The 3000 and 3500 are iconic studio effects that have appeared on too many hits to name. Their unique rooms, plates, halls, and special effects will help add incredible space, dimension, and excitement to your mixes!

FG-224 & 224XL Expansion Pack

The original 224 digital reverb is arguably one of the most legendary digital reverbs in history, gracing thousands of hit records mixed by some of the top engineers in the business. This new FG-224 and 224XL expansion pack for VerbSuite Classics features full Fusion Captures of both the original 224 and the even more acclaimed 224XL units, and it sounds absolutely incredible! These additional reverbs give VerbSuite Classics even more power and flexibility, and give you more creative tools to add width and depth in your mixes.

A witch says,

* No iLok Driver installation is required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version.