Being here, to be there

Erhu is a bowed instrument with two strings, originally dated back to Tang Dynasty(7th century A.D.), and is still being widely used today all over China in all kinds of music, from movie scores to opera.

It’s one of the most representative classical Chinese instruments nowadays.

It’s also very popular in the whole Asia.

Erhu has a special synthetic flavour which is drastically different from the Western violin.

Whilst violin sounds like a splendid soprano in a grand musical, Erhu tells her life story in a hoarse tone from the dark alley.

This gives Erhu an unique sound character that’s like nothing else.

For the musicians who are after the purist Chinese sound, ChineeErhu is a must-have.

For the musicians who are after exotic and inspirational string sound, ChineeErhu fits the need as well.

ChineeErhu contains extensive expressions of legato, vibrato, F-p-F, staccatos, pizzicato, tremolos, glide and trills, cleverly woven and programmed to be used with MIDI aftertouch/modwheel, along with the keyswitch feature provided by the plugin, to bring the users the most lively articulations as easily accessible as possible.
中国二胡包含连奏,颤音,F-p-F,断奏,拨奏,颤音,滑音和颤音的广泛表达,巧妙地编织和编程使用MIDI aftertouch/modwheel,以及插件提供的按键切换功能,给用户带来最生动的articulations尽可能容易访问。

ChineeErHu II:
ChineeErHu II:

Professional excellency

Kong Audio recorded the sessions with a distinguished Erhu musician, Mr. YuSheng Liu(who has won in several national/provincial Erhu competitions), to capture the nuance and brilliance of various delicate Erhu playing techniques.

The Brand-new Brilliance

ChineeErhu II is a brand-new recording of an Erhu fiddle and it is developed based on the feedback of our highly acclaimed ChineeErhu.

With all-new approaches to the mic’ings, plus the planned integration with Kong Audio’s QIN engine, this time the focus is on the more realistic legato playability and the clarity of sound.
全新的mic’ings,加上计划与Kong Audio秦引擎的整合,这次的重点是更现实的连奏可玩性和声音的清晰度。

More Importantly, ChineeErhu II’s sound character is much more cleaner, yet more mellow.

It is more suitable for melancholic tunes with this incarnation

ChineeErhu II contains extensive expressions of legato, vibrato, F-p-F, staccatos, pizzicato, tremolos, glide and trills, cleverly woven and programmed, the users now can play smooth legato performances easily.