Sordino strings add three essential articulations to the Sonokinetic Orchestral Strings collection, captured with a Sordino, or Mute, on the strings.

This has a very specific sound that is bound to enchant and delight!

The Sordino strings have been recorded as part of the Orchestral Strings family, in the same hall and also with full divisi and the same attention to detail.

They perfectly complement the Sonokinetic Orchestral Strings and fill that need for a little warmer and smoother sound.

All functionalities in Sonokinetic Orchestral Strings have been ported to Sordino Strings, except MIDI export.

If you’re familiar with the playing engine of the former, you will feel right at home.

If Sordino Strings is your first dip in the ‘Sonokinetic orchestral sampling water’ however, make sure to check all the Spot-On Tutorial Videos on the website for a deeper dive into the functions and features of the Orchestral Strings line.

This product is the culmination of all of our efforts to this point.

It melds together our experience in orchestral phrases with what we’ve learned about multisampling over the years, and it furthers our quest for complete phrase flexibility.

There is Poly-Legato and Auto Divisi to ensure the most realistic sound imaginable.
有Poly-Legato和Auto division,以确保最现实的声音可以想象。

No corners were cut in making this product, and it will evolve for many years to come – we still have some surprises up our sleeves that will enhance your user experience and provide you with tools that are useful and fun in equal measures.

Included in the instrument are some powerful midi engines, with midi import, real-time midi manipulation, a piano roll editor.

The possibilities are near endless, yet very easily accessible if you just want to scratch the surface.

The Runs engine allows you to play chords and trigger runs that adhere to these chords just by playing a start and an end key.

The Phrases engine at its core works as a sketchpad for Patterns, with 12 patterns autosaved with your instrument or DAW session and a potential 12 x 12 x 12 phrases saved away to be shared between your instruments and projects.
短语引擎在其核心工作作为模式的画板,有12个模式自动保存与您的仪器或DAW会话和一个潜在的12 × 12 × 12短语保存起来,以在您的仪器和项目之间共享。

These patterns are then playable in a fashion very similar to the way our Phrase-Based instruments work, and you can even drag in phrases from the Phrase-Based products you already own and benefit from the huge flexibility boost this Strings instrument offers.