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A choir library has been on our to-do list ever since our company was in its infancy and now finally the time has come.

This is not just any choir library as this project had to be approached Sonokinetic style, being as playable and flexible as a sampled choir can be whilst sounding completely realistic.

We spent a lot of time developing the engine driving Tutti Vox and we are very proud indeed of what we have achieved;
我们花了很多时间研发驱动Tutti Vox的引擎,我们对我们所取得的成就感到非常自豪;

a new approach and an innovative way of working with sampled choir.

Included in the package are three different tempo-synced instruments, focused on different elements of choral performance:

The main chunk is Tutti Vox Core, a large collection of unique vocal effects that warrant the name ‘Tutti’ because they are not dissimilar to (and hugely compatible with) our orchestral FX library of the same name.
主要部分是Tutti Vox Core,一个独特的声音效果的大集合,保证名称“Tutti”,因为他们不不同(和巨大的兼容)我们的管弦乐队FX库的同名。

Think atonal risers, falls, crescendi, decrescendi, clusters, ethereal beds and a range of very cool ‘semi-random’ soundscapes that constantly evolve.

Some of our loops are over 40 seconds long!

Also included in the Core patch are full choir whispers: words, vowels, consonants and shouts, the other end of the spectrum.

Whatever choir effect you need, Tutti Vox Core is your tool.
无论你需要什么唱诗班效果,Tutti Vox Core都是你的工具。

It should be able to inspire and make your compositions instantly more human.

Common Controls

Tutti Vox consists of 3 different instruments: Vox, Lingua and Spoken:
Tutti Vox由3种不同的乐器组成:Vox, Lingua和speaking:

Tutti Vox Core: Cinematic choir FX
Tutti Vox核心:电影唱诗班FX

Tutti Vox Lingua: Chants and sustains
Tutti Vox Lingua:圣歌和支撑

Tutti Vox Spoken: Spoken words and phrases
Tutti Vox口语:口语单词和短语

Although each of the instruments has a distinct purpose and function, there are some controls which are identical for all 3.

Let’s look at those first:

Microphone Selection

The samples for Tutti Vox have been recorded in the same hall as sister libraries Capriccio, Grosso, Minimal, Da Capo, Tutti and Vivace.
Tutti Vox的样本与姊妹图书馆Capriccio、Grosso、Minimal、Da Capo、Tutti和Vivace在同一个大厅被记录。

As such, the ambient sound of Tutti Vox will blend perfectly with these libraries.
因此,Tutti Vox的环境声音将与这些库完美融合。

The microphone positions available are: Close, Decca Tree, Wide and Far (balcony).

Select a microphone position by clicking on the graphic at the top of the interface.

The chosen microphone position will be highlighted in red.

As Tutti Vox is a large instrument with thousands of samples, when you choose a new microphone position you should allow a second or two before playing, for old samples to purge and new ones to load.
由于Tutti Vox是一个大型的仪器,有数千个样本,当你选择一个新的麦克风位置,你应该允许一秒或两秒之前播放,旧的样本清除和新的加载。

Microphone mixing options are global and apply to the entire chosen patch of Tutti Vox.
麦克风混合选项是全局的,适用于Tutti Vox的整个选定补丁。

The number of simultaneous voices using NI’s Time Machine Pro engine to stay in time is the reason we can’t offer microphone mixing on this instrument.
使用NI的Time Machine Pro引擎来保持时间的同时声音的数量是我们不能在这个仪器上提供麦克风混音的原因。

You can work around this by opening a second patch on a different track using a snapshot of the first one upon mixdown, and choose a different mic position for that one, mixing levels in the DAW.

Full Keyboard

Use the keyboard icon to flip the colour of unused keys from black to white in all Tutti Vox instruments.
使用键盘图标翻转未使用的键的颜色从黑色到白色在所有Tutti Vox仪器。

This feature is handy for people owning a NI Komplete Kontrol Keyboard, as the black keys will shine in a purple hue on the keyboard, which can be confusing.

Key / Mod Velocity
键/ Mod速度

Velocity can be controlled either by keyboard velocity (KEY) or mod wheel position (MOD).

Click and drag this slider to select either, or a mix of a combination of both.

Note that for the mod wheel to go down to complete silence you need to have the slider set to mod wheel completely, since the engine always takes a median of Key and Mod velocity and your key velocity will never be 0.

Tempo Syncing

All content for Tutti Vox was recorded at 110 BPM and almost every phrase within the Kontakt engine is tempo-synced to your host DAW.
所有的内容为Tutti Vox记录在110 BPM和几乎每个短语内的Kontakt引擎是节奏同步到您的主机DAW。

This means that the content of Tutti Vox should be especially easy to integrate with your own compositions.
这意味着Tutti Vox的内容应该特别容易与您自己的作品集成。

There are a few exceptions which are not tempo-synced as they do not require it;

most notably the one-shot samples such as shouts and whispers and the long sustain samples and abstract non timed beds.