We set a goal to capture the same mystic musical quality from the middle eastern musical heritage as represented in ‘Voices of Israel’ and ‘Desert Voice’.

The Turkish clarinet is the ideal supplement to the aforementioned;

a very versatile and vocalic melody instrument that reflects the microtonal system.

The beautiful and mystic character of this sound will capture the imagination of your audience and take them on a 1001 nights journey or fly them through a land of fables and myths in a way that is unmatched in any other woodwind performance sample collection.

Within this collection we offer a full range of tempi ranging from 40 BPM to 180 BMP and a collection of melodic phrases in every western harmonic key from A to G#.
在这个集合中,我们提供了从40 BPM到180 BMP的完整的节奏,以及从a到G#的每一个西方和声键的旋律短语集合。

Our proven effective and convincing technique of merging highly professional and authentic performances into a flexible and user friendly instrument has brought us to the development of “Shahrazad”.

The musical quality in these melodic phrases is impossible to recreate with conventional multi sampled woodwinds.

Especially microtonal transitions and lyrical passages will only sound convincing when performed live by a professionally trained and authentically schooled musician.

Therefore we went a long way to find the most suitable performer for this collection of performances samples.

Nevertheless we also decided to invest in multi sampling, to provide the composer with all essential tools to create an original and fitting musical section into their music productions.

Therefor you’ll find an authentic legato scripted multi samples section in this sample library.

We are proud to announce and release the next level in the Sonokinetic musical heritage collection.

With “Shahrazad” we believe to provide the composer with a new and original musical context and language.

Express yourself in new creative and authentic music textures that appeal to your imagination and creativity.

This musical idiom is a perfect style to fit your fables, myths and fantasy scores.

Remember Rivendell and Lothlórien or the depths of the unexplored Sherwoods.

With “Shahrazad” the composer will find instant satisfaction.

Since we composed and performed generic and consistent phrases this entire collection can be easily combined to create countless new variations on melodic passages.

Throw in our Authentic Legato instrument and merge your own composing talent with the performances and the options are infinite.

Sonokinetic again invests in a state of the art user interface with highly effective and sophisticated ‘under the hood’ programming and sample management policy.

With over 3500 samples under your fingertips with a nice look and a beautiful sound we present:

“Shahrazad” middle eastern Clarinet performances and multi sampled instrument

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.

The Sonokinetic Shahrazad Production Team
Sonokinetic Shahrazad生产团队