These are String ensemble samples like you’ve never heard before.

Distinctive, effective and with an ear for authenticity, Sonokinetic is proud to announce and present another genuine first in sampling history.

You’ll never find samples anywhere else that match the uniqueness, originality and authentic middle eastern style that is found in this massive collection of string ensemble performances.

Impossible to recreate or compose with ordinary string sample-libraries or dedicated string library platforms, this collection focuses on live performances by one of the world’s best middle eastern string ensembles and royalty free custom composed arabian styled phrases.

3 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello make up this strong and convincing performance sampling string ensemble.

With our usual dedicated care we approached this recording with a ‘digital’ composer’s mind and need.

Working from the base up we created a diverse collection of phrases that would need to be widely usable in music compositions and large audio productions.

So tempo syncing and a wide availability in all keys has been top priority in this production.

For each phrase we’ve also included an octaved overdub, mapped to the keyboard an octave higher than the original to easily layer them and make it a breeze to build the tension in your compositions and to instantly fatten the sound and expand your orchestra.

We’ve invested a massive amount of resources, professional skills and musical talent to create something very unique and usable for the modern day composer and producer.

We’re convinced we’ve achieved our goal with this large sample pool and hands-on users interface.

We also invested in multi-formats so the range of sampling possibilities is extended past the proven dedicated Kontakt format.

Although we focus on the user interfaces of Native Instrument’s Kontakt format other core sample audio formats are available to fit every need and make this collection widely accessible for every producer and composer.
虽然我们关注的是Native Instrument的Kontakt格式的用户界面,但其他的核心样本音频格式可以满足各种需求,并使这个集合广泛地为每个制作人和作曲家提供。

Sultan Strings will give your production the creative edge you’re always looking for and let it excell in originality and authenticity.