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The evolution of vocals

Color and shape vocals with five blendable creative must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects.

A one-stop for past, present, and future vocal sounds

VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of vocal possibilities.
VocalSynth 2是一个身临其境的声乐体验,适应,适应和发展与您独特的风格,并打开了一个声音的可能性的世界。

Color and shape vocals with five blendable eccentric-must-haves and stompbox-style studio effects.

A one-stop for past, present, and future vocal sounds, VocalSynth 2 features a Vocoder, Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox, and Biovox: a brand new effect based on the sonic qualities of the human vocal tract.
一站式的过去,现在和未来的声音,VocalSynth 2具有声码器,Compuvox, Polyvox, Talkbox和Biovox:基于人类声道的音质的全新效果。

Elevate your vocal productions with the music production’s most unique plug-in experience for vocals.

Quickly get old school sounds you need or create a new school of vocal sounds.

Get lost in layers, textures, effects, blending, and morphing in an experimental vocal playground and finally find that secret something that makes your vocals stand out.

Choose and meld five unique vocal tools or pick from hundreds of presets for quick impact.

3 Ways to Play

Three different modes allow you to interact with VocalSynth 2 in a way that suits your style.
三种不同的模式允许您以适合您的风格的方式与VocalSynth 2进行交互。

Helpful in-app setup instructions tailored to your DAW get you up and running with ease, so you can spend more time making creative decisions.

Auto: Lock your vocals into key with real-time pitch correction, generate additional voices and harmonies, and seamlessly blend your module settings with VocalSynth’s intuitive mix panel.

MIDI: Use MIDI signal to control your pitch and effortlessly create custom vocal harmonies as you play.

This replicates the experience of playing a classic vocoder or talkbox!

Side chain: Rather than using the synthesizer within VocalSynth, pipe in your own audio to use as your “carrier” signal.

This lets you make any audio “talk” or create new outlandish sounds that would be impossible otherwise.


Biovox: Using scientific modelling of a human vocal tract, adjust human vocal characteristics like nasality, vowel shapes, and formants for a smooth, textural vocal treatment to any audio signal.

Stompbox-style effects: VocalSynth 2’s effects include two brand new pedal-style effects: Chorus and Ring Mod with a unique tremolo effect.
stompbox风格的效果:VocalSynth 2的效果包括两个全新的踏板风格的效果:合唱和戒指Mod与独特的颤音效果。

Now drag to re-order all seven effects including an improved Shred with sequencer as well as Distort, Filter, Transform, and Delay.

3 ways to play: VocalSynth 2 is built to be flexible, giving you three ways to interact and create: Auto Mode, MIDI Mode, and Sidechain Mode.
3种播放方式:VocalSynth 2被构建为灵活的,给你三种方式进行交互和创建:自动模式,MIDI模式和侧链模式。

Inter-plugin communication: Use VocalSynth 2 within Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer and Masking Meter, as well as Tonal Balance Control for a bird’s eye view of your music production at all times.
插件间通信:使用VocalSynth 2在Neutron 2的视觉混音器和掩蔽仪表,以及调性平衡控制鸟瞰你的音乐制作在任何时候。

Extensive sonic enhancements to the Vocoder module as well as Talkbox, Polyvox, and Compuvox that improve usability, CPU utilization, and sound quality.

Reimagined interface with deep control: VocalSynth 2 includes a brand new, modern interface and the addition of advanced synthesizer controls for each individual module.
重新想象的界面与深度控制:VocalSynth 2包括一个全新的,现代的界面,并为每个单独的模块添加了先进的合成器控制。

Paired with a fluid, evolving visualization, VocalSynth 2 is primed for hours of creativity with you at the helm.
配合一个流动的,不断发展的可视化,VocalSynth 2是几个小时的创意与你在掌舵。