BOSENDORFER 290 相比起斯坦威D,博森多费尔290音色更加温和柔和。无论是轻快跳跃的乐句还是连贯持久的乐段,它都能出色地表现。它并不像音色较亮的对手那样追求宏大,而是以丝滑顺畅的演奏为傲。当您踩下延音踏板时,这种顺畅感会增加十倍,使这架博森多费尔具备整个管弦乐队的力量和丰富性。

传说中的收藏 “Pianos”的创建目标非常明确:通过一切必要手段,全面捕捉世界上四架最受追捧的大钢琴的每一个声音细节。每架钢琴都具有三个独立的麦克风位置、八种不同的发声方式,以及每种发声方式下最多18个音量层级,可以高度定制每架钢琴的细节和立体声效果,以满足您的演奏和混音需求。您可以轻松混合多个麦克风位置,并模拟真实大钢琴琴盖的阻尼效果,为每种乐器提供全方位的演奏灵活性。

无与伦比的真实感 听听“Pianos”的任何音频演示,您会发现很难相信这些演奏不是在音乐厅现场录制的。每架钢琴(斯坦威、博森多费尔、贝希斯坦和雅马哈)都具有足够的细节,以适应从安静、低沉的乐段到炫技的演奏——您可以根据需要轻松推高它们的动态范围,从极弱音到极强音无缝切换。“Pianos”在七种不同的发声方式之间无缝转换:延音、延音加踏板、重复音、重复音加踏板、弱音踏板、弱音踏板加延音踏板和断奏,每种发声方式都有独立的释放尾音。

  • 由获奖声音制作人Doug Rogers和Nick Phoenix创作
  • 包含与录制“Symphonic Orchestra”和“Symphonic Choirs”相同的脉冲响应,使三者可以轻松无缝地融合
  • 由Ken Scott(Elton John、Supertramp、David Bowie、The Beatles)工程的近场麦克风录音
  • 在特制的钢琴环境中录制,使用复古的Neumann麦克风、Meitner AD转换器和经典的8078 Neve调音台







您需要R2R PLAY/OPUS版本才能使用此库(如一位巫师所言……)



Far mellower than the Steinway D, the Bosendorfer 290 excels in both light & bouncy and legato & sustained passages. Rather than aspiring to the grandeur of its brighter rival, it prides itself on buttery smooth performances. When you engage the sustain pedal, this smoothness increases tenfold and lends this Bosendorfer the power and richness of an entire orchestra.


Pianos was created with a singular goal: to fully capture every sonic detail possible from 4 of the most sought-after grand pianos in the world by any means necessary. With 3 individual mic positions, 8 separate articulations, and up to 18 velocities per note for each articulation, the detail and stereo image of every piano is highly customizable to your exact performance and mixing needs out of the box. You can easily mix multiple mic positions and simulate the damping effects of a real grand piano lid for each instrument, giving you full performance flexibility.


Listen to any of the audio demos of Pianos, and you’ll find it difficult to believe the performances weren’t recorded live in a concert hall. Every piano (Steinway, Bösendorfer, Bechstein and Yamaha) has enough fine detail to suit everything from quiet, subdued passages to virtuoso performances–and you can push their dynamic range as hard as you need to, effortlessly jumping between pianissimo and fortissimo as desired. Pianos seamlessly transitions between 7 different articulations: sustain, sustain with pedal, repetitions, repetitions with pedal, soft pedal, soft pedal with sustain pedal, and staccato, with individual release trails.

– Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix

– Includes the same impulse responses used to record Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs, allowing all 3 to blend easily and seamlessly

– Close mic recordings engineered by Ken Scott (Elton John, Supertramp, David Bowie, The Beatles)

– Recorded in a specially-prepared piano environment with vintage Neumann microphones, Meitner AD converters and a classic 8078 Neve console

v1.0.2 Changes:

Noises in Bosi and Steinway close mics removed.

Clicks in Bosi close mics removed.

Rumble and hiss in Bechstein removed.

Steinway keyrange volumes improved.

Steinway soft pedal samples improved.

You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library (as a witch has said…)

Read the included txt file in the DECiBEL dir for install instructions.