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Imagine typing words into your computer, in any language, and hearing a world class Symphonic Choir sing those words in any key(s) you play “live” on your keyboard controller!

Well imagine no more, that’s exactly what this revolutionary “award-winning” virtual instrument does.

In addition, the Platinum edition (Gold edition has one mic position and is 16-bit) is the first 24-bit Choir virtual instrument to include three simultaneous stereo mic setups (close, stage and hall), so users can mix any combination of mic positions to control ambience.

The Choirs were recorded in the same concert hall, by the same team as the EastWest Symphonic Orchestra and blend perfectly with EWQLSO.

To achieve the feel of a live concert hall performance, each instrument and section was recorded with three mic positions: close, stage (conductor’s position) and hall.

By selecting different mic positions, users can mix these sounds together to create any kind of natural ambience their project requires.

This eliminates the need for artificial reverb.

The Symphonic Choirs Expansion (Voices of the Apocalypse content) was recorded separately, at 24-bit resolution with a single mic position.

Wordbuilder, now built into EastWest’s Play software, is the word building software that enables Symphonic Choirs and Symphonic Choirs Expansion users to type in words for the Choirs to sing.

This revolutionary software also includes a pop-down menu that includes popular pre-built phrases that you can load instantly.

This is a real time saver for those on a tight deadline.

The phrases have been optimized for each Choir.

The phrases menu is customizable so you can add your own phrases to WordBuilder for quick and easy access.

This is the most powerful vocals solution available.


– New wordbuilder software built into Play (plus new pre-built phrases and words)

– Extended ranges (Sopranos – D3 to E5, Altos – F2 to A4, Tenors – C2 to D4, Basses B0 to D3)
-扩展音域(女高音- D3至E5,男高音- F2至A4,男高音- C2至D4,低音B0至D3)

– Intuitive custom interface

– Intelligent Performance section including Portamento, Repetition, Legato, Round Robin Reset
-智能演奏部分包括Portamento, Repetition,连奏,Round Robin Reset

– Improved articulation window and controls

– On screen mic position mixing

– State of the art Convolution Reverb with pre-delay and additional Master control to route reverb to all instruments in an instance

– Convolution includes hall choir was recorded in for additional control of hall ambience

– Intelligent release trail engine that follows the note-on samples volume at all times, so release trails always match

– Release trails unaffected by mod-wheel cross-fade programs, radical mod-wheel movements do not degrade release trails

– Recall custom key-switches instantly

– Key-switch sizes now unlimited

– State of the art sound quality with high-resolution audio engine

– Hi fidelity one pole filter for natural cross-fades

– Stereo image editing now possible using channel sourcing

– Completely re-programmed for EastWest’s PLAY software from the original recordings

Team DECiBEL Note: (v1.0.9)

You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library (as a witch has said…)
你需要R2R PLAY/OPUS版本来使用这个库(就像一个女巫说的…)

Read the included txt file in the DECiBEL dir for install instructions.

We included Symphonic Choirs Expansion in this release too as it was only an additional GB or so.

“The Symphonic Choirs Expansion (Voices of the Apocalypse content) was recorded separately, at 24-bit resolution with a single mic position.”