We are extremely proud and excited to announce that award-winning composer and sound designer Danny Cocke has joined us here at Audio Imperia.
我们非常自豪和兴奋地宣布获奖作曲家和音效设计师Danny Cocke加入了Audio Imperia。

Danny is best known for his stellar work as a trailer composer where his credits include blockbuster placements such as “Fantastic 4”, “Avengers 2”, “Bridge Of Spies”, “Interstellar”, “Jurassic World”, and many, many more.

The first kit in the Danny Cocke Signature Series of instruments is “Trailer Guitars: Tensions & Motors” in which Danny has truly created the perfect synergy between sound effect and organic guitar sound.
Danny Cocke签名系列乐器的第一个套件是“Trailer Guitars: tension & Motors”,Danny在其中真正创造了音效和有机吉他声音之间的完美协同。

The kit includes over 130 carefully crafted sounds in the categories of “Ebow Tension”, “In Space” (Ambient Sounds), “Motors” (Rhythmic Loops and FX), and “Rings & Stings” will take you straight into Mad Max, Underworld and The Martian territory.
该套件包括130多个精心制作的声音类别的“Ebow紧张”,“在空间”(环境声音),“发动机”(节奏循环和FX),和“Rings & sting”将带你直接进入疯狂的麦克斯,黑社会和火星领土。

Trailer Guitars: Tensions & Motors requires the full version of Kontakt or higher (the patches will not run in the free Kontakt Player)
Trailer Guitars: tension & Motors需要完整版的Kontakt或更高版本(补丁将无法在免费Kontakt Player中运行)