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Ozone 7 is the newest version of iZotope´s mastering and mix post- processing tool.

Advanced version contains sporting a lot of very useful extra tools of which each of them can also be used as a separate insert for any channel.

Easy to use, superb and beautiful interface, delicious new Vintage modules, new file export format options and codec preview.

Ozone 7 Advanced is all-in-one mastering system with all the tools you need to produce professional-quality masters, with dedicated modules covering everything from EQ and dynamics to limiting and stereo image processing.

Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add rich character with the critically acclaimed music production tools in Ozone Advanced which you can download on audiolove.

me, including the new Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape modules.

Audition masters before rendering with the new Codec Preview.

In all, Ozone 7 Advanced comprises 10 modules plus the additional Insight, a comprehensive metering plug-in presented in ‘night-vision green’ where you’ll find a 3D spectrogram, a stereo Sound Field, a Loudness History, Spectrum Analyser and level metering plus loudness metering displayed in LUFS.
总的来说,Ozone 7 Advanced包括10个模块和额外的Insight,这是一个综合计量插件,以“夜视绿色”呈现,你会发现一个3D光谱图,一个立体声声场,一个响度历史,频谱分析仪和电平计量加上响度计量显示在LUFS中。

Also new in Ozone 7 is a fourth IRC algorithm for the Maximizer module, aptly named IRC IV. This works using a technology that iZotope call Spectral Shaping.
臭氧7中还新增了一个用于最大化器模块的第四个IRC算法,恰当地命名为IRC IV。该算法使用了一种被iZotope称为光谱整形的技术。

Effectively, IRC IV makes spectral adjustments in response to the input signal’s frequency spectrum in order to prevent peak frequencies causing unwanted distortions when limited.
实际上,IRC IV根据输入信号的频谱进行频谱调整,以防止峰值频率在受到限制时造成不必要的失真。

Each Ozone module comes with its own presets, but there’s also a Preset Manager offering global presets that can draw on any or all of the modules and routing options in combination.

The Greg Calbi Mastering Presets for Ozone package is now included as standard.

Once a preset has been loaded, settings for the individual modules can still be saved or loaded without losing the setting on the other modules.

iZotope Ozone 7 is a worthwhile evolutionary step up from previous versions, notable not only for the sonic capabilities of the various modules, but also for its wealth of excellent display and metering options.

iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced

Ozone 7 Key Highlights:

Get essential mastering and mixing tools: Maximizer, Dynamic EQ, the new Vintage Tape, Vintage Limiter, Vintage Compressor, Vintage Tape and Vintage EQ.

Quickly achieve authentic sounds for any genre and style with a comprehensive bank of presets.

Build a high-tech new mastering chain when you mix-and-match components, going from fully modern to fully vintage to anywhere in between.

Use Ozone as a plug-in or as a standalone application.