“Embertone 的 Sensual Sax 是唯一能与我的性感魅力相媲美的数码乐器。另外,现在我还能和声了!”



进入 Sensual Saxophone(感性萨克斯风)–萨克斯饱和的数字解决方案。在开始时挑逗声音,让耳朵得到爱抚,然后吹出一个腰部以下的长音。有了感性萨克斯风的多愁善感设置,您将始终拥有合适的伴奏,度过一个回荡着愉悦的夜晚。

“Sensual Sax from Embertone is the only digital instrument that might actually come close to matching my sex appeal. Plus now I can harmonize!”

-Sexy Sax Man

Sometimes you just want to put it in your mouth and blow. But when a reed gets worn or your arms get heavy, your sensual nature can outlast even the swankest saxophone. What’s a swinging lover like you to do?

Enter Sensual Saxophone – the digital solution to sax saturation. Tease the sound at the start for a caress of the ear, and then blow a long note that busts below the belt. With the sentimental setting of sensual sax, you’ll always have the right accompaniment for an evening that echoes with pleasure.