What would happen if you gave Godzilla drumsticks?

This is the original Stormdrum collection that took cinematic percussion to a new level.

“The content is classic film score stuff: big fat booming drums, smaller ethnic hand percussion, enough metallic hits to make a steelworker feel at home.

The ability to load up any patch and have a series of related loops synchronised to the tempo you want is heaven for any composer.

Stormdrum is one of the few products these days that you could accuse of under-selling itself: a fairly plain box with no images of Mel Gibson or the like, and not smothered in endorsements from Hans Zimmer or Jerry Goldsmith, but it’s most certainly worthy of sitting where it does beside the great Symphonic Orchestra Library.
Stormdrum是为数不多的产品面临抛售的这些天,你可以指责本身:一个相当普通的盒子没有梅尔·吉布森或类似的图片,而不是窒息的代言Hans Zimmer或者杰里·戈德史密斯,但它肯定最值得坐在它旁边的伟大交响乐团的图书馆。

” (Future Music)

The content of the first Stormdrum library is provided in two separate parts.

Part 1 contains all the loops.

You can use them as they are, or you can modify them to fit your project exactly.

Part 2 contains the multi-sampled instruments from the original Stormdrum 2 Pro Upgrade, to be used as you would any other instrument in your orchestration.
第2部分包含了来自原版Stormdrum 2 Pro Upgrade的多采样乐器,可以像其他乐器一样在编排中使用。