From the former rhythm section of “Prince and the New Power Generation,” comes the sequel to the smash hit “Funky Ass Loops.”
《Prince and the New Power Generation》前节奏部分的续集《Funky Ass Loops》大获成功。

Smoov Grooves contains all the loops you need to lay down everything from slow grooves to 70’s funk (tempos range from 70 to 120 BPM), plus you get all the breakdowns (a full mix of each loop, then the drum part, bass, guitar, percussion, keys, etc).
Smoov Grooves包含所有的循环,你需要放下一切从缓慢的Grooves到70 ‘s funk(节奏范围从70到120 BPM),加上你得到所有的breakdown(每个循环的完整混合,然后鼓部分,低音,吉他,打击乐器,键等)。

Smoov Grooves is, without doubt, the finest collection of laid-back and 70’s funk grooves available anywhere for any price.
Smoov Grooves是,毫无疑问,最好的收集的悠闲和70年代的放克Grooves可在任何地方任何价格。

This is the real deal from one of the top rhythm sections in the music business