Scoring Tools is a composer’s dream come true.

Immaculately recorded with a 60 piece world class symphony orchestra, Scoring Tools provides you with original orchestral loops, beginnings and endings, in three different keys, two different tempos, and seven different styles of music including Adventure, Fanfare, Magical, Mysterious, Suspense, Romantic and Western.

All you have to do to create finished songs, commercials, or soundtracks for film, theatre, musicals, computer games or multimedia is add your own melodies to the orchestral backgrounds.

Over a year of writing, arranging, recording, editing and programming went into the making of Scoring Tools by talented Hollywood composer Lisa Bloom Cohen and French producer Serge Colbert.
《score Tools》由好莱坞天才作曲家丽莎·布鲁姆·科恩(Lisa Bloom Cohen)和法国制作人塞尔日·科尔伯特(Serge Colbert)制作,历时一年多的写作、安排、录音、编辑和编程。