New York producers Anthony “Jovier” Kerr and Eddie “E Smoove” Bell present Ill Jointz – Hip-hop and R’n’B Loops, the cutting edge of street flava all here for your sampling pleasure!
纽约的制作人Anthony“Jovier”Kerr和Eddie“E smoeve”Bell将带来Ill Jointz – Hip-hop和R ‘n ‘B Loops,这是最前卫的街头音乐,让您尽情体验!

Over 2 1/2 hours of construction kit style loops, with all loops broken down into their basic elements!

All loops are at least 4 bars long so that you can feel the flow, cut them up, and combine them into all new combinations.

Keyboard magazine gave Ill Jointz 9 out of 10 and wrote, “The vibe is strictly mellow hip-hop with this set, but within that is a remarkably wide range of grooves and colors.
《键盘》杂志给Ill Jointz打了9分(满分10分),并写道:“这款吉他的氛围完全是柔和的嘻哈乐,但其中有非常广泛的节奏和色彩。

The instrument combinations are very inventive and effective.

There is more of a live instrument feel to this collection than on some other sets I’ve heard, which is a nice change.”