BT’s Breakz From The Nu Skool includes loops that are mashed, mangled, and bit-crushed, with kicks and snares occasionally resembling giant metal containers being hit with monkey
BT的《Breakz From The Nu Skool》包含了被捣碎、破碎和被咬碎的循环,以及踢踢和陷阱,这些陷阱有时就像猴子击打巨大的金属容器


“BT continues to hit all the right buttons.

Breakz From The Nu Skool demonstrates phenomenal programming skill, coupled with impressive musical flair and great sonic resourcefulness.
Breakz From The Nu Skool展示了非凡的编程技能,加上令人印象深刻的音乐天赋和伟大的声音资源。

Wading through hundreds of break-beats usually robs me of the will to live, but auditioning these loops was fun.

There are 436 in all, mostly four bars long, divided into two categories, Dirt Breakz and Live Breakz, with tempos ranging from 66 to 180 bpm.
总共有436个小节,大部分是四小节长,分为两类,Dirt Breakz和Live Breakz,节奏从每分钟66到180。

” (Sound On Sound)