MKS-7 是一款 8 声道机架式合成器,结合了著名的 106 的模拟结构和 7o7 鼓机的 PCM 声音。从流行传奇 Depeche Mode 到突破流派界限的 Autechre,106 都被不同的艺术家广泛使用。它的音色强劲有力、动感十足,能在现代作品中创造出丰富而富有个性的声音,或以其独特、温暖的模拟氛围承载整首曲目。


在 Program 24 库的概念和结构基础上,Super-7 更进一步,深入合成波、新浪潮、电子乐、House、80 年代合成流行乐等领域。我们在 MKS-7 上定制了大量的采样片段,并对每个采样片段录制了 3 次,包括正常情况下的采样、使用合唱时的采样以及使用噪音开关时的采样,让您获得前所未有的硬件音效。

MKS-7 包含 7o7 的 PCM 声音,而我们则更进一步,包含了来自 6o6、626、7o7、8o8、9o9 等精选硬件的复古鼓声,以及在我们自己的 Drum Designer 中创建的大量现代声音。

Super-7 为您提供了创建丰富的模拟合成音色、低音、鼓声、琶音和乐句,甚至整首歌曲所需的一切,是一款鼓舞人心、用途广泛且极其有趣的乐器。它有 6 个离散层,可独立控制 8 轨鼓、低音、旋律和 3 个通用合成器部分。你可以随意使用这些部分,从传统的乐器到创造性的层叠和效果。

除了鼓之外,Super-7 中的每个乐器层都有自己的放大器包络线、带包络线的多模滤波器、包括驱动、相位和均衡器在内的效果器、包括混响和延迟在内的发送效果器,以及一个复杂的琶音器/颤音器,允许创建独特而动人的序列。你可以对这些模块进行全面的调整,探索声音引擎和琶音器的各种预置,或创建自己的预置。


对于那些正在寻找一款深入音效设计的乐器的人来说,Super-7 不仅潜力巨大,而且还能为他们提供直接的灵感。Super-7 中包含了大量可立即使用的音效和音乐创意,并附带了 260 多种出厂补丁,充分展示了该乐器的音效潜力,以及我们内部音效设计团队的创意构想。

作为对 80 年代最受喜爱的一些音效的探索,Super-7 不仅音质出众,预设库也令人难以置信,让您在一个地方就能制作出原汁原味的复古音轨。

Super-7 delivers the unabashed sound of the ’80s inspired by the MKS-7, an 8-voice rackmount synthesizer that combines the analog architecture of the famous 106 with PCM sounds from the 7o7 drum machine. In demand, often emulated, and a well loved instrument to this day, the 106 has been used widely by diverse artists ranging from pop legends Depeche Mode to the genre-defying Autechre. The sound is powerful and dynamic, capable of creating rich and charactered voices within modern productions or carrying entire tracks with its distinct, warm analog vibe.


Building on the concept and structure of our Program 24 library, Super-7 takes things a step further, pushing deep into the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, ’80s synthpop and more. We multi-sampled a huge selection of patches custom-designed on the MKS-7, and recorded every sample 3 times, normally, with the chorus engaged, and with the noise switch active, giving you unprecedented access to the hardware sound.

While the MKS-7 included the PCM sounds from the 7o7 we again took things a step further, including vintage era drums from an epic selection of hardware such as the 6o6, 626, 7o7, 8o8, 9o9, and a host of modern sounds created in our very own Drum Designer to round it off.

Giving you everything you need to create rich analog synth lines, bass, drums, arps and phrases, all the way up to entire songs, Super-7 is an inspiring, versatile and extremely fun instrument. Loaded with 6 discrete layers, you have independent control over 8-tracks of drums, bass, melody, and 3 general purpose synth parts. Use these in any way you like, from conventional instrumentation to creative layering and effects.

Apart from the drums, each of the instrument layers in Super-7 has its own amp envelope, multimode filter with envelope, effects including drive, phasor, and EQ, send effects including reverb and delay, and a complex arpeggiator/phraser, allowing the creation of unique and moving sequences. You can tweak and adjust these modules completely, explore a wide selection of presets for both the sound engine and arpeggiator, or create your own.

In addition to the multi-instrument, each of the individual parts is available standalone, allowing you to load up just what you need in your arrangement. Each of the standalone instruments is identical to its multi counterpart, with the same selection of parameters, effects, effect sends, arps, and preset. Use them to focus on individual sound design, when you only need a single instrument, or to create additional instances of particular instruments.

For those looking for a deep instrument to get lost in sound design Super-7 has huge potential, but it’s also ready to provide immediate inspiration. Packed with ready-to-go sounds and musical ideas, Super-7 comes with a generous selection of 260+ factory patches, showing off the instrument’s sonic potential, and creative visions from of our in-house sound design team.

An excursion into some of the most loved sounds of the ’80s, Super-7 delivers both outstanding sound quality and an incredible preset library, giving you everything you need to make authentic vintage tracks in one place.