PX Memories 是对 Lintronics LAMM 的深入研究,它是 Lintronics 在 1987 年破产前最后一款也是最雄心勃勃的复调合成器。LAMM 是 Lintronics 在 1987 年破产前最后一款也是最雄心勃勃的复调合成器,其发展似乎并不完整,以调音不稳定和系统导航困难而闻名,随后推出的 Plus 型号也仅实现了基本的 MIDI 功能。

鲁迪-林德哈德(Rudi Lindhard)的 Lintronics 是一家位于德国的合成器维修和改装店,他们历时 6 年开发出了这款全面的系统改装产品。那些有幸购买到 LAMM 的人将会发现,它标志性的六声道音色更加稳定、更易于编辑、IO 得到了改进、立体声输出得到了增强、世界一流的 MIDI 实现使大部分前面板控制器都能传输控制更改信息并做出响应,等等。

我们很荣幸也很高兴能向您展示 LAMM 的标志性和灵感之音。


我们的音效设计团队从一台原始的、经过全面维修的 LAMM 开始,创建了大量定制音效,涵盖从经典到现代的各种类型、创意琶音、效果器、调制音景等,提供了大量鼓舞人心的音效。

我们为 PX Memories 设计的每个补丁都在正常的工厂齐奏和特殊的 LAMM 立体声齐奏模式中进行了大量的多重采样,让您可以在真实的硬件采样之间无缝切换,并随后允许您以复调的方式演奏齐奏模式,这在硬件设备上是不可能实现的。

PX Memories 的另一个巨大创意优势是可以同时加载两个程序,并对每个程序进行全面的表现控制。PX Memories 中的每个程序都有自己的层,实质上为你提供了另一个完整的 LAMM,可以一起(或单独)分层、过滤、动画和琶音,从而创造出真正庞大的模拟音效。此外,单音设置是按程序进行的,因此结合起来,每个音符最多可发出 36 种真实的硬件模拟声音。

最终,我们录制了超过 38,980 个样本,为 PX Memories 提供了多达 353 个预置,这些预置由 171 个程序组成,分为 16 个类别,包括基础、动画音步、动画音阶、低音、钟声、铜管乐、和弦、特效、琴键、领奏、管风琴、垫子、弹拨、多合成、弦乐等。PX Memories 中的每个修补程序都可完全自定义,您可以直接使用,也可以将其作为自己音效设计的起点。

Iconic, renowned, and arguably one of the sweetest sounding and most powerful analog synthesizers, PX Memories takes a deep-dive into the Lintronics LAMM. Based on the last and most ambitious of its makes polyphonic synths before going bankrupt in 1987, its development seems to have been incomplete, with a reputation for unstable tuning and difficult system navigation, and a subsequent Plus model with only basic MIDI implementation.

Taking this beast the final mile and making it the rock-solid road-worthy dream machine it was intended to be is Rudi Lindhard’s Lintronics, a synthesizer repair and mod shop based in Germany, who developed this comprehensive system modification over 6 years. Those lucky enough to come by a LAMM will find the iconic six-voice sound to be stable, more easily editable, with improved IO, an enhanced stereo output, a world-class MIDI implementation making most all of the front panel controls transmit and be responsive to control change messages, and much more.

The ultimate version of an incredible and exceedingly rare instrument, we’re both honored and excited to be able to present you with the iconic and inspirational sounds of the LAMM.


Starting with a pristine, fully-serviced LAMM, our sound design team created a huge range of custom sounds covering everything from classic to modern genres, creative arps, effects, modulating soundscapes and more, providing a huge range of inspirational sounds.

Every patch we designed for PX Memories was extensively multisampled in normal, factory unison, and the special LAMM stereo unison modes letting you seamlessly switch between real hardware samples, and subsequently allowing you to play unison modes polyphonically which is impossible on the hardware unit.

Another massive creative advantage of PX Memories is the ability to load two programs at once, with full expressive control over each. Each program in PX Memories functions as its own layer, essentially giving you another entire LAMM that can be layered, filtered, animated, and arpeggiated together (or discretely) to create truly massive analog sounds. As well, unison settings are per-program, so combined you can essentially have up to 36 authentic hardware analog voices sounding per note.

In the end we recorded over 38,980 samples, packing PX Memories with a whopping 353 presets made from 171 programs, and divided into 16 categories, including basics, animated arps, animated steps, bass, bells, brass, chords, FX, keys, leads, organ, pads, pluck, polysynth, strings and more. Every patch in PX Memories is fully-customizable allowing you to use them straight-away or as starting points for your own sound design.