Back in the 80’s the WaveFrame Audioframe was the second generation of mega samplers, in line with the NED Synclavier and Fairlight CMI.
早在80年代,WaveFrame Audioframe是第二代超大采样器,与NED Synclavier和Fairlight CMI一致。

A complete 48-voice system would sell for over $100,000, and at the time the feature set was worth it!

The Audioframe was used by renowned artists like Peter Gabriel and Stevie Wonder and by leading sound designers and foley artists.
像Peter Gabriel和Stevie Wonder这样的著名艺术家以及主要的音效设计师和福利艺术家都使用了Audioframe。

The UVI WaveFrame Sound Collection isn’t a massive library dredged with tens of gigabytes of super high resolution wav files – conversely, it’s a lean and mean library expertly crafted after the original, weighing in at just over 350 MB.
UVI WaveFrame Sound Collection并不是一个巨大的库,里面有几十gb的超高分辨率wav文件——相反地,它是一个精简的、平均的库,在最初的基础上精心制作,重量仅在350 MB以上。

As you can hear in the demos, the collection contains a multitude of very useful and organic sounds such as keyboards, guitars, basses, solo strings, string sections, upper brass, lower brass, brass sections, woodwinds, synths, pacific rim, percussion, drums, effects and test tones.

WaveFrame Sound Collection brings you an excellent library of bread and butter sounds that preserve the character and history of this milestone in music tech history.