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With UVX670 we’re heading back in time to the ’80s to deep-dive, layer and combine sounds from two unique, underrated analog gems from Japanese synthmaker Akai;

the VX600 and the AX73.

Both are six-voice analog polysynths, the VX600 being a pad monster with dual VCOs per-voice and the AX73 being remarkable for leads and basses with a 6 VCO architecture usable in either poly, stacked or unison modes through Curtis 4-pole 24/db resonant lowpass filters.
这两种都是六声模拟多合成器,VX600是一个每声双压控振荡器的pad怪物,AX73是一个非凡的引线和低音,通过Curtis 4极24/db谐振低通滤波器,可以在多模、堆叠或齐声模式下使用6vco架构。

These two synths both employed versatile modulation systems capable of a wide range of sounds.

The VX600 had a complex mod matrix, 2 LFOs per voice and allowed frequency modulation.

The AX73, with 1 LFO per voice has variable pulse width with PWM usable on any of the waveforms.
AX73,每个声音1 LFO具有可变脉冲宽度,PWM可用于任何波形。

Individually, neither the VX600 or AX73 have a well-known vintage classic status, but it’s not due to lack of capability or rich sound potential.

Combined, these synths make an incredible complement, each lending strength to the other and creating some truly powerful sounds when employed together.


UVX670 starts with a VX600 and AX73, both serviced and restored to factory condition.

Our sound designers fully-explored these synths, creating a wide selection of sounds that represent a gamut of their strengths and peculiarities including bass, bells, brass, FX.

keys, leads, organs, pads, plucks, polysynths, strings and voices.

You’ll find a wide selection of both themed and archetypal sounds perfect for genre-based production, among many more inspiring and creative sounds for those looking to chart their own path.

Sampling was made per-key for every patch, and on the AX73 we doubled them, including both wet and dry versions with the built-in chorus effect.

For recording we utilized Prism converters, with all samples carefully edited and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest possible quality and reliable performance.

Being essentially two vintage analog synthesizers stacked, UVX670 is capable of some radical sounds.

Each synth has its own voice selection, volume, pan, filters, amplitude and filter envelopes, pitch, portamento, stereo modes, modulation targets, and arpeggiators, allowing you to create anything from rich, layered unisons to complex, modulating interplays,

and being sample-based means you get the authentic hardware sound without having to worry about running out of voices.

Finally, the two synth signals are summed through a high-quality effect chain employing 3-band EQ, drive, Thorus, multi-mode ensemble, Phasor, delay and Sparkverb, allowing you to both polish or completely transform your sounds easily, without the need for other plugins.