K250 是首款通过振荡器提供采样波形的键盘,由传奇音乐家 Stevie Wonder、ARP 创始人 Alan Pearlman 和多产的合成器艺术家 Bob Moog 等人联手打造。

K250 是世界上第一台 ROMpler,能够在不使用磁盘驱动器的情况下产生出色的声音。K250 拥有令人印象深刻的 24 声道复音和 88 音的巨型配重键盘,在设计之初就考虑到了性能。继 K250 取得成功后,K1000 又推出了更动感的 76 音键盘。它以简化前面板为代价,提供了更多的便携性和音效。

在制作 U1250 的过程中,我们决定同时使用 K250 和 K1000,并编写了大量音色,包括原声和电子钢琴、铃铛、木槌、鼓、打击乐器、吉他、贝司、垫子、管乐、铜管乐和其他管弦乐器。U1250 中的音色唤起了一种怀旧气息,这要归功于这些乐器所采用的早期数字采样技术。硬件经过繁琐的多重采样,以创造真实的演奏体验和动态音效,让人感觉和演奏起来都与实物无异。

U1250 中的所有音色都能为你的音色设计提供直接的灵感或起点。内置振幅 ADSR、带 ADSR 的多模滤波器、立体声齐奏、连奏、噪音振荡器、快速调制轮映射、调制器和来自 UVI 的高品质效果器,让您可以根据自己的需要快速调整音色,或将其彻底扭曲成全新的音色。

The first keyboard to deliver sampled waveforms via oscillator, the K250, was a joint effort carried out with legendary musician Stevie Wonder, the founder of ARP – Alan Pearlman, and prolific synthesizer artisan Bob Moog, among others.

Able to produce brilliant acoustic sounds without the use of disk drives, the K250 was the world’s first ROMpler. Boasting an impressive 24 voices of polyphony and a beastly 88-note weighted keyboard, the K250 was designed with performance in mind. Following in its success the K1000 was released with a sportier 76-note keybed. It offered extra portability and sounds at the expense of a simplified front panel.


In making U1250 we decided to tackle both the K250 and the K1000, programming a wide range of sounds including acoustic and electric pianos, bells, mallets, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, pads, wind, brass and other orchestral instruments. The sounds in U1250 evoke a nostalgic vintage vibe thanks to the character of early digital sampling implemented in these instruments. The hardware was tediously multi-sampled to create an authentic playing experience and dynamic sound that feels and acts like the real thing.

All the sounds in U1250 can be serve as immediate inspiration, or starting-points for your own sound design. Built-in amplitude ADSR, multimode filter with ADSR, stereo unison, legato, noise oscillator, quick modwheel mapping, modulators, and high-quality effects from UVI allow you to quickly adapt a sound to your needs to radically warp it into something completely new.