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A next-step library from UVI, Quadra is a powerful 4-part multi-instrument and sequence designer, ideal for the creation of dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds.

Quadra provides a curated instrument selection, deep factory library, focused and intuitive workflow, expressive performance controls, and cinematic sound quality.

Quadra is a versatile instrument, capable of a wide range of sounds and uses from standard fare instrumentation to evolving, complex, and adaptive progressions and harmonizations that can be morphed and performed in numerous ways to suit the needs of your production.

With a masterful selection of hundreds of professionally designed presets, Quadra offers instant inspiration.

From classical stringed arpeggios to harmonizing rhythm guitars, grooving bass and synth combos to dark and brooding cinematic soundbeds, all are fully-editable and make equally great starting points for your own design.

Powerful, Expressive Control

Quadra is a creative workspace where you’re free to layer sounds to create complex and evolving tones and sequences, or assign them to discrete keyzones and perform them discretely.

Play sounds directly or augment them in realtime with arpeggiators, phrase sequencers and effects to create rhythmic and melodic motifs.

Morph between sounds with a mappable XY pad to create movement and narrative, and automate the overall intensity of your soundscape with global dynamics and transient emphasis controls.

Curated Instrument Selection

Quadra provides 4 robust instrument layers that can be used together to create striking and evocative performances.

Assign each from a selection of 150 multi-sampled sources, including acoustic and electric guitars from Fender, PRS, Gibson, Chapman and others, sampled direct and amped, occidental and asian stringed instruments including Harp, Cello, Violin, Viola, Cymbalum, Nagoya Harp, Ghuzeng, Qanun and more,

acoustic and electronic pianos including a Concert Grand, Upright, Clavinet and Yamaha CP-70, and custom-designed sounds on select analog, FM, and physical modeling synthesizers, and more, all chosen to complement each other in timbre and playing style.

4x the Fun
4 x的乐趣

Each layer in Quadra is a fully-kitted instrument, complete with full ADSR amp and multimode envelope control, unison, powerful 64-step arpeggiator/phrase sequencers, MIDI effects such as Euclidean Emphasis and Pitch Drift, realtime scale quantization, audio effects including a frequency shifter, waveshaper, chorus, phaser, and 3-band EQ,
Quadra的每一层都是一个齐全的仪器,完整的ADSR放大器和多模包膜控制,齐声,强大的64步琶音/短语序列器,MIDI效果,如欧氏强调和Pitch Drift,实时尺度量化,音频效果包括移频器,波形器,合唱,相位器,和3波段EQ,

reverb and delay sends, and pre-mapped effects like vibrato, tremolo, a second frequency shifter, and overdrive, that you can perform instantly with the modwheel on your controller keyboard.

Supercharged Sequences with Advanced MIDI Effects

Supercharged Sequences with Advanced MIDI Effects

At the heart of each of Quadra’s instrument layers is a powerful, multimode 64-step sequencer with MIDI effects, allowing you to quickly add rhythmic grooves, create arpeggiator sequences, add harmonies, and even quantize the incoming notes to specific scales.

Choose a global rate, gate length, and max velocity, then customize your sequence with per-step velocity, link, harmonization, pitch offset, octave offset, gate, step repeat and panning.

Save your patterns to disk as presets to share, or use the handy “copy-to” button to quickly duplicate your finished sequence from one layer to another.

Quadra includes a number of MIDI effect modules that allow you to embellish and augment your sequences in creative ways, including Euclidean Emphasis which adds rhythmic accents, MIDI Delay, Random, and Pitch Drift which enrich your sequence, and a scale quantizer that allows you to snap all notes to a scale of your choosing.

You can even drag-and-drop the modified sequences as MIDI into a track of your DAW.

Wellspring of Inspiration

The power and versatility of Quadra shines through its factory preset bank.

Find instant inspiration with a wide variety of creative visions imparted by our fantastic sound design team, including in-house veterans and industry stalwarts like Simon Stockhausen.
通过我们出色的声音设计团队(包括内部资深人士和像Simon Stockhausen这样的行业中正力量)提供的各种各样的创意愿景,找到即时的灵感。

Whether you’re working in film, games, or music, you’ll discover a generous collection of imaginative and moving themes, and inspiring sound combinations ready to use in your current projects

Quadra is a powerful, expressive, and deeply-customizable instrument and sequence design environment suitable for creating everything from steady locked grooves to polyrhythmic and evolving cinematic soundscapes.

The included sound library, toolset, and interface have all been thoughtfully constructed to provide a fast, creative, and immediately rewarding environment for sound design and phrase construction.