IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 由专业乐器演奏家演奏 550 多种不同的演奏风格,并在世界著名的 IRCAM 学院录制,生动而详细地展示了 16 种管弦乐器。每种乐器都包括标准的演奏风格和大量先进的实验性发音,为寻求更自然、多样和独特乐器音效的现代作曲家和制作人提供了复杂而富有创造性的音效资源。IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 允许用户超越典型采样库中的基本演奏风格,增加其他地方无法提供的深度和细节。

基于数十年来在声学和录音方面的专业知识和研究,UVI 和 IRCAM 招募了最优秀的音乐家、艺术总监和工程师来制作 IRCAM Solo Instruments 2。经过多年的艰苦努力,我们非常自豪地向您介绍这款传统与实验技术完美融合的作品。在这个深邃的资料库中,旧世界的乐器与新世界的演奏者相遇,探索这些深受喜爱的乐器可能发出的更广泛的声音。

在 IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 中,我们对这一功能强大的音色库进行了现代化改造,增强了许多功能和质量,包括改进了核心脚本、样本库、可演奏性、演奏控制和表现力,并通过全新的用户界面改进了工作流程和可用性。

– 改进的脚本引擎允许多种演奏和表现模式,包括连奏、滑音、多连奏和多滑音,现在可通过调制轮进行控制

– 为所有弦乐器新增了弹奏模式,允许用户通过虚拟手部定位来弹奏乐器,从而获得更自然的表现力

– 全新的用户界面设计,提高了美感和可用性

– 新的 MPE 和多重触后支持

– 改进的样本库,提供更纯净的延音

– 改进了预设和按键开关组

– 改进的动态部分

– 改进了包络线(响应更自然)

– 改进的效果部分

Featuring over 550 different playing styles performed by professional instrumentalists and recorded in the world-renowned IRCAM Institute, IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 presents a vivid and detailed exposé of 16 orchestral instruments. Each instrument includes both standard playing styles and numerous advanced and experimental articulations, providing a sophisticated and creative sound resource for modern composers and producers looking for more natural, varied and unique instrumental sounds. IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 allows users to go beyond the basic playing styles presented in typical sample libraries, adding depth and detail that’s simply not available elsewhere.

Building on decades of expertise and research in acoustics and sound recording, UVI and IRCAM recruited the finest musicians, artistic directors and engineers available to produce IRCAM Solo Instruments 2. A massive endeavour, years in the making, we’re proud to present to you this seamless blend of traditional and experimental techniques. Old world instruments meet new world performers in this deep and profound library exploring the broader spectrum of sounds possible from these beloved instruments.

With IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 we’ve modernized this powerful library with numerous feature and QoL enhancements, including improvements to core scripting, sample library, playability, performance controls and expression, and workflow and usability improvements thanks to an all-new user interface.

– Improved scripting engine allows multiple play and expression modes, including legato, portamento, poly legato and poly portamento, now controllable by modwheel

– New Play mode for all stringed instruments, allows user to play instruments with virtual hand positioning for more natural expression

– All-new UI design, improves aesthetics and usability

– New MPE and Poly Aftertouch support

– Improved sample library, delivers cleaner sustains

– Improved presets and key switch groups

– Improved dynamics section

– Improved envelopes (more natural response)

– Improved effects section