Asteroid 是一款创造性工具,可用于开发功能强大、节奏感强且不断变化的序列、打击乐、转场效果等。它有 7 个采样层,收集了大量令人难以置信的音效,包括管弦打击乐、效果、电子鼓和原声鼓、foley 和找到的音效。通过可深度配置的编辑器,你可以对每种音效进行雕琢、空间混音、添加多重效果、主均衡器和动态效果,并通过 128 级速度、平移、音高、衰减、混响和延时,按音轨独立创建丰富且不断变化的序列音效。

Asteroid 拥有快速直观的工作流程、深厚的音效库和大量启发灵感的预置,是作曲家、音效设计师和音乐家们值得拥有的强大工具。

Asteroid 的设计宗旨是在直观易用的界面上,为你提供制作复杂、多层次、音效惊人的节奏打击乐、音序和效果所需的一切。你可以浏览数百种内含的套件和序列预置,并根据自己的喜好快速调整;也可以从头开始,利用随机器探索无穷无尽的配置。

在编辑页面上调整声音的每一个细节,从采样选择、音量和效果发送,到空间混音、瞬态控制、均衡器、多重效果等。你可以单独播放 7 层中的每一层,也可以利用全套总线特效创建大规模的序列乐段,从而驾驭你的声音,而这一切都无需离开界面。

从高层次上讲,Asteroid 是一款 7 轨采样播放器,带有功能强大的集成音序器和深度定制的效果器。音轨可从专门为 Asteroid 设计的音效库中加载,全局或每个音轨的采样随机化器可瞬间激发灵感。你可以选择立体声混音或多输出(每个音轨单独输出,以便进一步处理),使用 Thrust 快速调配出庞大的音效,并使用调制轮映射的 Velocity 对音序的动态进行连续控制。

每个音轨都可控制音量、空间平移(从左到右和从近到远)、宽度、旁路、静音、独奏以及混响和延时效果发送。选择一个音轨,你就能在编辑托盘中找到精确雕琢(或彻底改变)音效所需的一切,包括离散瞬态整形器(带反向模式)、+/- 48 半音音高控制、4 声道齐奏、带空气和子频段的均衡器、带驱动、位移器、移频器、相位器和镶边的多重效果器以及中继器。

Asteroid is a creative tool for developing powerful, rhythmic and evolving sequences, percussions, transitions, effects and more. Load up 7 sample layers with an incredible collection of sounds from a wide range of sources including orchestral percussion, effects, electronic and acoustic drums, foley, and found sounds. A deeply-configurable editor allows you to sculpt each sound, mix spatially, add multi-fx, master eq and dynamics, and create rich and evolving sequenced sounds with 128 steps of velocity, pan, pitch, decay, reverb, and delay, discretely per-track.

With a fast and intuitive workflow, deep sound library, and a huge selection of inspiring presets, Asteroid is a rewarding and powerful tool for composers, sound designers and musicians alike.

Asteroid has been designed to give you everything you need to make complex, layered, and incredible sounding rhythmic percussions, sequences, and effects in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Browse from hundreds of included kits and sequenced presets and quickly adjust to taste, or start from scratch and explore an endless supply of configurations with the randomizer.

Adjust every detail of your sound on the Edit page, from sample selection, volume and effect sends, to spatial mixing, transient controls, eq, multi-fx and more. Play each of the 7-layers discretely or create massive sequenced phrases with a full selection of bus effects to master your sound, all without ever leaving the interface.

At a high-level Asteroid is a 7-track sample player with a massively powerful integrated sequencer and deeply-customizable effects. Tracks can be loaded from a specially curated library of sounds designed for use within Asteroid, with global or per-track sample randomizers for instant inspiration. Choose from a stereo mix or multi-out (each track to a separate out for further processing), quickly dial-in a massive sound with Thrust, and use the modwheel-mapped Velocity for continuous control over the dynamics of your sequence.

Each track offers control over volume, spatial panning (left-to-right and near-to-far), width, bypass, mute, solo and effect sends for reverb and delay. Select a track and you’ll find everything you need to precisely sculpt (or radically transform) your sound in the edit tray, including discrete transient shaper (with reverse mode), +/- 48-semitone pitch control, 4-voice unison, eq with air and sub bands, a multi-fx unit with drive, bitcrusher, frequency shifter, phaser, and flanger, and a repeater.