Working with a professional percussionist, we rented a commercial studio and filled it to the brim with every sort of drum, chime, bell and thing we could beat with a stick.

We brought in Brawmer and Neumann microphones, Manley, Fearn and Neve preamps and compressors and very high-end ADCs in order to capture our sessions with the utmost sonic precision – then immediately got to work making what would be one of, if not the, most comprehensive percussion library ever.
我们带来了Brawmer和Neumann麦克风,Manley, Fearn和Neve前置放大器和压缩机和非常高端的adc,以捕捉我们的会议与最高的声音精度-然后立即开始工作,如果不是,将是一个,最全面的打击图书馆有史以来。

We employed deep multi-sampling to fully capture the varied character and quality of these instruments across multiple playing styles and strikes, often recording extensive velocity samples, different hand positions, rolls, and flams with everything recorded in 24 bit / 96 kHz for pristine clarity and richness.
我们采用深度多重采样来充分捕捉这些乐器在多种演奏风格和打击的不同特征和质量,经常记录广泛的速度样本,不同的手的位置,滚动和flams与24位/ 96 kHz记录的一切原始的清晰度和丰饶。

A Massive Percussion Library

Percussion Store includes more than 150 different instruments sourced from all over the globe, including many rare and infrequently heard instruments, making it a fantastic and versatile addition to your sound library.