BeatBox Anthology 2 收录了令人难以置信的复古、现代和定制鼓机音效,代表了 50 多年来的 Groovebox、节拍器、鼓模块、合成鼓等音效,从模拟到数字,从主流到晦涩,BeatBox Anthology 2 都一应俱全,是一款用途广泛、易于使用的打击乐器。在探索硬件鼓合成历史的同时,你还可以设计自己的套件,将不同的机器音效层叠在一起,甚至利用精确的包络线和采样偏移创建全新的混合音效,所有这些都是通过专业录制和精致切分的采样实现的,能带来真实无误的硬件音效。

在过去的半个世纪中,硬件鼓机的普及率、复杂性和应用范围都有了爆炸式的增长。它们最初只是不起眼的风琴配件,如今却定义了整个次音乐流派,并成为无与伦比的文化标志。它们的音质范围从简单的模拟咔嗒和噼啪声发展到模拟数字采样器混合体,几乎能产生任何能想象到的声音。总之,他们用自己独特的声音彻底改变了我们的音乐创作方式,永远改变了我们的音乐版图。BeatBox Anthology 2》是节拍狂热者梦想的基础,它汇集了从 60 年代的原型机到新一代的未来经典机型等百余种机型。

在交给我们的音效设计师之前,每台机器都经过了细致的检查和维修,以确保尽可能达到最佳性能。在探索了这些机器的音质能力和独特特性后,我们的团队对它们进行了深度采样,并使用现有的最高品质设备进行处理,包括高级 DI 盒、硬件处理器和 ADC。然后,每个样本都经过手工修剪和完美雕琢,通过母带处理突出了这些机器的灵魂。最终形成了 200 多套音质极佳的套件和 11,000 个样本,每个样本都具有清晰、震撼的硬件音效。

此版本需要 R2R Falcon

An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds representing over 50 years of grooveboxes, beat machines, drum modules, synth drums and more, from analog to digital, mainstream to obscure, BeatBox Anthology 2 delivers them all in an extraordinarily versatile and easy-to-use percussion instrument. Explore the history of hardware drum synthesis while you design your own kits, layer different machine sounds together, and even create entirely new hybrids with precision envelopes and sample offsets, all with expertly recorded and exquisitely sliced samples that deliver the authentic and unmistakable sound of hardware.

Rise of the Machines

Over the past half century hardware drum machines have exploded in popularity, complexity and breadth of application. Beginning as humble organ accessories they now define entire sub-genres and represent unmistakable cultural icons. Their sonic ranges having evolved from simple analog clicks and pops to analog-digital sampler hybrids capable of generating nearly any sound imaginable. In short, they’ve revolutionized the way we make music and forever changed our musical landscape with their unique voices. Hailing from every corner of the globe these machines are the foundation of BeatBox Anthology 2, a beat fiends dream, delivering a comprehensive collection created with more than a hundred models ranging from ’60s prototypes to the current generation of future classics.

Sonic Perfection

Each machine was meticulously inspected and serviced to ensure the best performance possible before being handed over to our sound designers. After exploring the sonic capabilities and unique traits of these machines our team deeply sampled and processed them with the highest quality equipment available, including premium DI boxes, hardware processors and ADCs. Each sample was then hand-trimmed and sculpted to perfection, accentuating the soul of these machines with a mastered finish. The result is over 200 sonically decadent kits and 11,000 samples, each with a clear, impactful hardware sound.

This release requires R2R Falcon