Whoosh FX 由音效设计师制作,功能强大,易于掌握,可生成各种运动、风声和嗖嗖声效果。Whoosh FX 可设置持续时间,自定义 3 个离散层,并可选择多种噪音和纹理声音,包括空气、电子、火金属、管弦乐、水声、风声等类别,还可选择包络预设或用鼠标绘制,添加运动和多普勒效果,使用变形元音滤波器改变声音,以及添加录音室级效果,包括卷曲器、数字均衡器、延时器、红外混响器、限幅器等。Whoosh FX 在清晰直观的界面中提供了丰富的功能,可以轻松实现从动态图形、电视和电影的同步音效,到音乐和环境应用中丰富的移动声场等各种效果。

Whoosh FX 的核心是 3 个音源: 噪音、纹理 1 和纹理 2。这 3 种音源可完全配置,具有控制振幅和滤波器的离散包络线(见用户界面中心)、多模式滤波器、立体声位置、倾斜、音高和电平控制,可帮助您快速创建各种不同的声音。

噪音层包含 11 种合成噪音供你选择,包括 Band、S+H、Violet、Blue、White、Pink、Brown、Lorenz、Rossler、Logistic 和 Sinus,而纹理层 1 和 2 则添加了大量专门为 Whoosh FX 制作的现场录音和合成音源。声音按类别排列,包括空气、失真、电、火、Fx、材料、金属、马达、噪音、管弦乐、摇滚、火花、合成、水和风,并可独立调整音高 +/- 24 个半音。

每一层都有独特的滤波器模式(LP、Comb 或 HP)和截止频率,并可单独或同时进行编辑。选择底部的 “来源 “选项卡,你会发现噪音和纹理类型的控制以及特定层的参数,如平移、倾斜、音高和宽度。纹理 1 和纹理 2 均包含随机化和撤销按钮,可让你获得更多灵感,并在出现错误时快速返回。

Created by and for sound designers, Whoosh FX is an easy-to-master yet powerful tool for generating all manner of movement, wind and whoosh-type effects. Set duration, customize 3 discrete layers with a deep selection of noises and textural sounds with categories including air, electrical, fire metal, orchestral, water, wind and more, choose envelope presets or draw them in with your mouse, add movement, doppler effects, transform your sound with a morphing vowel filter, and add studio-grade effects including convolver, digital EQ, delay, IR reverb, limiter and more. Whoosh FX offers a deep feature set packed in a clear and intuitive interface, easily yielding everything from synchronized sound effects for motion graphics, television and films to rich, moving soundbeds for musical and environmental applications.

At the heart of Whoosh FX are 3 sound sources: Noise, Texture 1, and Texture 2. These 3 sources are fully-configurable, with discrete envelopes controlling amplitude and filter (seen in the center of the UI), multi-mode filters, stereo placement, tilt, pitch and level controls, helping you quickly create a huge variety of different sounds.

The Noise layer contains 11 types of synthesized noise to choose from including Band, S+H, Violet, Blue, White, Pink, Brown, Lorenz, Rossler, Logistic and Sinus, meanwhile the Texture 1 and 2 layers add a wide selection of dedicated field recordings and synthesized sound sources created specifically for Whoosh FX. Sounds are organized by category and include Air, Distorted, Electricity, Fire, Fx, Material, Metal, Motor, Noise, Orchestral, Rock, Sparkle, Synth, Water and Wind, and can be independently pitched by +/- 24 semitones.

Each layer can have a unique filter mode (LP, Comb or HP) and cutoff frequency, and can be edited individually or all at once. Selecting the Sources tab at the bottom you’ll find controls for the noise and texture types along with layer-specific parameters such as pan, tilt, pitch, and width. Texture 1 and 2 both include Randomize and Undo buttons allowing for chance inspiration and a quick way back in case you overstep.