Meteor 是一款专为作曲家、音效设计师和音乐家设计的创意工具,可提供丰富而有层次的膨胀、戏剧性的高潮和强大的冲击力。从现场录音和特效到专为 Meteor 设计的独家管弦乐录音,7 个采样层可提供大量音效。通过直观的混合、调制和应用高品质特效来打磨和完善你的声音,然后与动作同步或通过复音和速度支持进行音乐表演。Meteor 功能强大,工作流程快速直观,从未来主义的构建和外科手术式的冲击,到丰富而富有情感的音乐环境,应有尽有。

– 为电影、游戏、音乐等制作丰富、身临其境的电影音效

– 7 层结构,可完全自定义音效、调制和特效

– 全面的音效库,包括独有的现场、假声、管弦乐和合成音效

Designed for and by composers, sound designers and musicians, Meteor is a creative tool that delivers rich and layered swells, dramatic crescendos, and powerful impacts. Outfit 7 sample layers with a massive collection of sounds from field recordings and effects to exclusive orchestral sessions directed specifically for Meteor. Intuitively mix, modulate and apply high-quality effects to polish and perfect your sounds, then perform them synced to the action or musically with polyphony and velocity support. Meteor provides a deep feature set complemented with a fast and intuitive workflow, yielding everything from futuristic builds and surgical impacts to rich and emotive musical environments.


– Create rich and immersive cinematic sound effects for film, games, music and more

– 7-layer architecture with fully customizable sounds, modulation & FX

– Comprehensive library with exclusive field, foley, orchestral and synthetic sounds