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For Leeds Musical Instrument Rentals in North Hollywood, it was just a simple method of cataloging their instruments by stenciling letters on the cases of the electric pianos.
对于北好莱坞的利兹乐器租赁公司(Leeds Musical Instrument Rentals)来说,这只是一种简单的方法,通过在电子钢琴的琴壳上刻印字母来对他们的乐器进行分类。

One of their electric pianos in particular took notice by producers and session players, the one marked with the letter “E”.

It wasn’t long before the “E” became one of the most highly sought-after electric pianos in the LA studio scene in the ’70s and ’80s, being featured in countless hit songs and albums.

It got to the point where the “E” had to be scheduled months in advance for tracking dates.

Its sound is remarkable: the low end is clear and defined, and it has a sweet, bell-like tone in the register an octave above middle C. The inventor of the electric piano himself referred to the “E” as the best electric piano he had ever heard.

Until now, the “E” model electric piano has never been sampled before.

Determined to share its beautiful, pristine tone, George Mamalakis, the owner of the “E” electric piano, began sampling it.
“E”电子钢琴的主人乔治·马马拉基斯(George Mamalakis)决心分享这架钢琴美丽、质朴的音色,于是开始品尝它的味道。

As a seasoned Jazz pianist who actively uses virtual instruments in his performance setup, George Mamalakis is well-acquainted with the depth of sampling necessary to recreate the dynamic, nuanced sound of the “E”.
作为一名经验丰富的爵士钢琴家,George Mamalakis在他的演奏设置中经常使用虚拟乐器,他非常熟悉要重现“E”的动态、微妙的声音所必需的采样深度。

Beginning in 2015, with the guidance of Jay Graydon, Grammy award winning producer, recording engineer, composer, and recording artist, George began the long undertaking of meticulously sampling the “E” electric piano.
从2015年开始,在Jay Graydon,格莱美奖获奖制作人,录音工程师,作曲家和录音艺术家的指导下,George开始了“E”电子钢琴的精心采样的长期事业。

To assist in the process, George invented a mechanical device which he named VERA, which is able to mimic the human motion of striking each key, but at very precise dynamics.

Each key was sampled with 18 velocity layers, with each note’s natural decay into complete silence.

Since 2017, Orange Tree Samples has been working with George and Jay to produce the playable instrument using the Kontakt platform.
自2017年以来,Orange Tree Samples一直与George和Jay合作,使用Kontakt平台制作这款可演奏的乐器。

Orange Tree Samples is known for their innovative scripting in sample libraries, and this library is no exception.
Orange Tree Samples以其在示例库中的创新脚本而闻名,这个库也不例外。

We added a lot of exciting options to customize the tone of the electric piano, including a detailed model of the instrument’s built-in tremolo, several chorus models that use custom DSP, and a flexible modular effects rack.

We’re excited to present the resulting virtual recreation of the instrument, The Famous E Electric Piano, so that you too can enjoy the experience of playing the “E” electric piano.

Key Features:

– Over 1,300 samples recorded at 96khz, 24-bit, totaling 7.0 GB (compressed to 3.26 GB using Kontakt’s lossless NCW format).
-超过1300个样本记录96khz, 24位,总计7.0 GB(压缩到3.26 GB使用Kontakt的无损NCW格式)。

– Over 70 production-ready factory presets created by Jay Graydon, George Mamalakis, Greg Schlaepfer, and Chris Poehler.
-超过70个生产就绪的工厂预置创建Jay Graydon, George Mamalakis, Greg Schlaepfer,和Chris Poehler。

– Chorus and tremolo using custom DSP.

– Modular effects system with EQ, phaser, delay, algorithmic reverb, IR-based reverb, and more.

The IR-based reverb features four legendary reverb units, totaling over 500 reverb presets.

– Smart tremolo attack ensures that the tremolo starts at its strongest point, giving you clear note attacks.

Product Requirements

Kontakt Player 5.7.0 (free)
Kontakt Player 5.7.0(免费)