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The Fredonia Grand Organ places the power and majesty of a full pipe organ at your fingertips with unparalleled depth and range – 39 stops that can be combined for endless possible tones.
Fredonia大管风琴将整个管风琴的力量和威严置于您的指尖,具有无与伦比的深度和范围- 39个停止,可以组合成无尽的可能的音调。

Featuring one of the biggest sounds you’ve ever used, easily adjusted from a delicate to an almost cosmic scale.

To create the Fredonia Grand Organ, we sampled the magnificent Schlicker Pipe Organ at SUNY Fredonia.

Every pipe organ has a unique voice, and this one has a particularly powerful sound with incredible versatility.

Capturing the nuance and fullness of a pipe organ is no easy feat, but an instrument as grand as this deserves extra care.

We’ve replicated many features of a real organ, including crescendo and swell controls, so that it plays like the real thing.

Its 2,469 pipes have been deep-sampled with four mic positions and four registers (Swell, Positive, Pedal, and Great).
它的2469根管子被深度采样,有四个麦克风位置和四个寄存器(Swell, Positive, Pedal, Great)。

We sampled every single stop – a total of 39 – individually to give you full control over the instrument’s sound.

Combine any or all of these to customize the tone however you’d like.

Additionally, we’ve emulated the behavior of the instrument’s six couplers, so you can add or subtract octaves with the press of a button.

And if you’re looking for a brilliant sound right out of the box?

We’ve provided an array of powerful presets with different stop combinations and signal chains in our Console FX rack and mixer.

From the delicate-voiced rohrflöte to the earth-shaking thunder of the whole instrument in chorus, the Fredonia Grand Organ will take your breath away.

Console: Modular FX Rack and Mixer

Console is a fully-featured mixer, modular effects rack, and pedal board, designed to give you full control over your mix.

Effects include multiple EQs (digital and analog-style), compressors, spatial FX, modulation FX, amps, distortion pedals, reverbs, and more.

Each mic channel can be loaded with up to 8 FX in any order, plus another 8 slots on the master channel, with support for send routing as well.

For Fredonia Grand Organ in particular, the “Galois Reverb” added in Kontakt 6 Player sounds fantastic as an alternative to our included custom IRs.
对于Fredonia Grand Organ,特别是“伽罗瓦混响”添加在Kontakt 6播放器听起来棒极了,作为我们包括自定义IRs的替代。


– All 39 stops (tones) individually sampled

– Swell, Positiv, Pedal, and Great divisions
– Swell, Positiv, Pedal和Great division

– 4 mic positions plus stereo master mix
– 4个麦克风位置加上立体声大师混音

– Volume of stops carefully preserved for realism

– Pristine 24-bit recordings
– 24位原始录音

– Chromatic sampling: every key recorded


– Beautiful custom UI

– All main controls on one page

– Stops controllable via UI, keyswitch, CC, host automation

– Fully-modeled crescendo and swell controls

– Per-division sound and performance tweaks

– Dozens of tuning and temperament options

– Adjustable microtuning and velocity curve

– CONSOLE FX rack and mixer with dozens of modules
– CONSOLE FX机架和混频器数十个模块


– KONTAKT 6.5+ (free Player or full version) required
– KONTAKT 6.5+(免费或完整版本)要求

– 14GB disk space

– 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
– 4GB RAM(推荐8GB)

– 2013 or later processor.
– 2013年及以后的处理器。

Your system must also meet the requirements for version 6.5.3 of Kontakt.

If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load this library.