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8Dio Studio Vintage Series represents the most comprehensively deep-sampled collection of vintage keyboards.
8Dio Studio Vintage系列代表了最全面的深度采样收集的复古键盘。

The illustrious Clavinet is no stranger to modern music and indeed sampling.

We here at 8Dio took this iconic instrument and sampled it in such detail that it will never need to be sampled again.

84,900 samples to be exact.

The Studio Clavinet is similar to a piano in appearance and performance, but it’s sound is more indicative of a rich and powerful electric guitar.

This is partly down to the size, positioning and length of the strings and bridge used.

As well as the use of 2 individual pick ups, which can be solo’d, combined, and inverted.

All of which has been meticulously sampled and crafted as the 8Dio Studio Clavinet.
所有这些都是经过精心采样和制作的8Dio Studio Clavinet。

The Studio Clavinet was carefully recorded & processed at 24bit / 96k at our British Studio through an extremely special custom Neve desk before being carefully down sampled to 48k for ease of streaming.
在我们的英国工作室通过一个非常特殊的定制Neve桌子仔细录制和处理24bit / 96k的录音室Clavinet,然后仔细采样到48k以方便流媒体。

The sustain samples were captured with all available pick up options and at multiple dynamics, allowing you to customise the sound in incredible detail.

Additionally we sampled muted & staccato notes (w/round robin) so you have the attack for faster passages & the depth and emotion to unleash your inner funk.

The Studio Clavinet also includes full control over velocity response, resonance and release triggers, pedal volume, analog noise control and full ADSR controls.

8Dio Studio Vintage Series Clavinet is best described as the most intricately sampled Clavinet to date.
8Dio Studio Vintage系列Clavinet是迄今为止最复杂的采样Clavinet。

From biting leads to soft melodic lines, the 8Dio Studio Clavinet truly knows how to bring the funk.
从咬到轻柔的旋律,8Dio Studio Clavinet确实知道如何带来放克。

It will never need to be sampled again.

Deep Sampling

The Vintage Studio Clavinet contains over 84,900 samples and a gorgeous fully 3D rendered interface.
Vintage Studio Clavinet包含超过84,900个样品和华丽的全3D渲染界面。

Everything was lovingly recorded at a incredibly well known British Studio through custom NEVE Consoles and offers you the most iconic sounds in existence.

Whether you want the best studio microphones (ex. Neumann u87, Cole, Neve Ribbon Mics).
你是否想要最好的录音室麦克风(如Neumann u87, Cole, Neve Ribbon Mics)。

The best reverbs (ex. Bricasti M7 or TC 6000) The best amplifiers or the best D.I and Tape signal paths.
最好的混响(如Bricasti M7或TC 6000)最好的放大器或最好的di和Tape信号路径。

It is all there.

Deep Options

What sets the Studio Clavinet apart from competitors is not just the great recordings, programming or stunning lay-out.

But it is also the wealth of features – allowing you to dial in precisely the sound you want.

Whether it’s controlling the dynamic feel of the piano with a single click, the resonance, the Pick Up Choice, the phase relationship, ADSR or even the sounds of your fingers touching the keys.

No engineering degree required.

It all just makes sense.

Superior Reverbs

We sampled the Studio Clavinet through two of the best studio reverbs in the world (TC6000 and Bricasti), so you get access to the sweetest sound of all.

The reverbs can be activated with a single click and gives you instant access and control over the two reverbs that have defined studio reverbs more than anything else.

You can control both pan, spread and volume of each reverbs.

No more convolution.

We literally sampled the Vintage Studio Clavinet through them using a pristine signal path designed by some of the worlds best engineers.
我们用世界上一些最好的工程师设计的原始信号路径对Vintage Studio Clavinet进行了采样。

World-Class Microphones

The Studio Clavinet gives you access to the best studio microphones, including Neumann u87’s & KM 184’s.
单簧管录音室让你获得最好的录音室麦克风,包括Neumann u87和kkm 184的。

Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, AKG 414’s all pointing to 2 vintage and pristine amplifiers with a sweet mixed microphone position made from them all.
Neve SE色带,Royers, AKG 414的所有指向2复古和原始放大器与一个甜蜜的混合麦克风位置从他们所有。

So in essence you have multiple microphone positions, including DI Clean, DI Crush and DI Warm..
所以本质上你有多个麦克风位置,包括DI Clean, DI Crush和DI Warm..

Engineering doesn’t get finer than this, allowing you to literally dial in precisely what you want with a few simple clicks.

Chaos FX

The Studio Clavinet contains our Chaos FX system, which allows you to virtually do anything you desire to the Clavinet.

Whether its modulation, precision dial EQ, bit-crush or distort, stereo-delay or mess around with dual convolution reverbs.

We also added our latest convolution, which allows you create Textural Convolution Delays on top of the existing stereo-delay and convolution reverb.


Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
联系VST / AU / AAX

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84,900 Samples. 19.02 GB HDD (compressed from 56 GB)
19.02 GB硬盘(从56 GB压缩而来)

8 available stems (incl. Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, AKG featured microphones on 2 vintage pristine amplifiers)
8个可用的茎(包括Neumann u87, Coles, Neve, AKG特色麦克风2个老式的原始放大器)

2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC).

3 Authentic Analog D.I Signals and Tape versions of all patches
3所有补丁的真实模拟D.I Signals和Tape版本

Sustains, Staccato (with RR) and Prepared Articulations (ex. Muted)

Intuitive and Advanced 3D Controls.

Advanced Chaos Effects Systems

Product only available as Direct Download

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5 (or later) Required
需要完整零售版的Kontakt 5.5(或更高版本)