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The 8Dio Studio Vintage Series Wurli is the most comprehensively deep-sampled Wurlitzer ever created.
8Dio Studio Vintage系列Wurli是最全面的深度采样Wurlitzer所创造的。

Recorded and processed at 24-Bit / 96Khz at our famous British Studio through a large custom NEVE desk.
记录和处理在24位/ 96Khz在我们著名的英国工作室通过一个大型定制的NEVE书桌。

The Studio Wurli contains both standard (Sustains and Staccato w/ RR) and prepared articulations (Muted Tines).
Wurli录音室包含标准(持续和断奏w/ RR)和准备发音(柔和尖音)。

All standard sustain samples were recorded with both pedals up and pedal down positions.

In addition, we also added staccato (w/ round robin) for fast playing styles.

We also opened up the Wurlitzer and recorded the internal mechanics, including gently muting the tines for a different type of sound as well as individually recording the internal speaker for a truly authentic sound.

The Vintage Studio Wurli contains a multitude different types of vintage microphones and 2 different types of world-class reverbs.
Vintage Studio Wurli包含多种不同类型的复古麦克风和两种不同类型的世界级混响。

The microphones includes Neumann 87’s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbon’s, AKG 414’s, Neumann KM 184’s and a mixed microphone position, which was made by combining all 24 microphones used in the sessions.
麦克风包括Neumann 87’s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbon’s, AKG 414’s, Neumann KM 184’s和混合麦克风位置,这是由所有24个麦克风在会议中使用的组合。

We also recorded all samples through two world-class reverbs (Bricasti and TC-Electronics 6000), so you have the best microphones and reverbs right at your fingertips.
我们还通过两个世界级的混响(Bricasti和TC-Electronics 6000)记录所有样品,所以你有最好的麦克风和混响在你的指尖。

The Wurlitzer was recorded with a 100% analog NEVE Pre-Amp Signal Flow and further enhanced with a physical hardware chain, including Manley Vari-Mu Compressor, Original Urei 1176 (Pre-Universal Audio), Original DBX 160, Neve 33609 Compressor.
Wurlitzer记录了100%模拟NEVE前置放大器信号流,并进一步增强了物理硬件链,包括曼利vario – mu压缩机,原始Urei 1176 (Pre-Universal Audio),原始DBX 160, NEVE 33609压缩机。

The Studio Wurli also includes full control over velocity response, tremolo depth and rate controls, authentic resonance, release triggers, pedal volume, analog noise control and full ADSR controls.

The 8Dio Studio Wurlitzer represents the grittiest deep sampled Wurlitzer ever recorded.
8Dio Studio Wurlitzer代表了最粗糙的深度采样Wurlitzer的记录。

After searching and sampling multiple Wurlitzers we found the one – Our Studio Wurli.

With just the right mixture of character, depth, warmth and bite this truly vintage machine has seen it all and is now ready to join you in your studio.

Deep Sampling

The Vintage Studio Wurli contains over 29,000 samples and a gorgeous fully 3D rendered interface.
Vintage Studio Wurli包含超过29,000个样品和一个华丽的全3D渲染界面。

Everything was lovingly recorded at a incredibly well known British Studio through custom NEVE Consoles and offers you the most versatile Wurlitzer we have ever played.

Whether you want the best studio microphones (ex. Neumann u87, Cole, Neve Ribbon Mics).
你是否想要最好的录音室麦克风(如Neumann u87, Cole, Neve Ribbon Mics)。

The best reverbs (ex. Bricasti M7 or TC 6000).
最好的混响(例如Bricasti M7或TC 6000)。

The best hardware, amplifiers or signal path.

It is all there at your finger tips.

Deep Options

What sets the Vintage Studio Wurli apart from competitors is not just the great recordings, programming or stunning lay-out.
让Wurli Vintage Studio有别于竞争对手的不仅仅是伟大的录音、节目或令人惊叹的布局。

But it’s also the wealth of features – allowing you to dial in precisely the sound you want.

Whether it’s controlling the dynamic feel of the Wurlitzer with a single mouse drag, the resonance, pedal volume, ADSR or even the sounds of your hands muting the tines.

No engineering degree required.

It all just makes sense.

Superior Reverbs

We sampled the Studio Wurli through two of the best studio reverbs in the world (TC6000 and Bricasti), so you get access to the sweetest sound of all.

The reverbs can be activated with a single click and gives you instant access and control over the two reverbs that have defined studio reverbs more than anything else.

You can control both pan, spread and volume of each reverbs.

No more convolution.

We literally sampled the Studio Wurli through them using a pristine signal path designed by some of the worlds best engineers.

World-Class Microphones

The Studio Wurli gives you access to the best studio microphones.

Neumann u87’s & KM 184’s.
诺伊曼u87和kkm 184。

Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, AKG 414’s all capturing a vintage VOX Amplifier, a pristine MESA Boogie Amplifier, a variety of internal mechanics and built in speakers, and of course a sweet mixed microphone position made from them all.
Neve SE Ribbons, Royers, AKG 414的所有捕获一个复古的VOX放大器,一个质朴的MESA Boogie放大器,各种内部力学和内置扬声器,当然一个甜甜的混合麦克风位置从他们所有。

So in essence you have 13 microphone perspectives, including 3 direct paths including DI Clean, DI Crush and DI Warm, spacious hardware reverb, true analog tape, built in speaker sounds, and internal mechanics…
所以本质上你有13个麦克风透视图,包括3个直接路径,包括DI Clean, DI Crush和DI Warm,宽敞的硬件混响,真正的模拟磁带,内置扬声器的声音,和内部力学…

Engineering doesn’t get finer than this.

Chaos FX

The Studio Wurli contains our Chaos FX system, which allows you to do virtually anything you desire.
Wurli工作室包含了我们的Chaos FX系统,它可以让你做任何你想做的事情。

Whether its modulation, precision EQ, bit-crushing or distortion, stereo-delay or dual convolution reverbs.

We also added our latest convolutions, which allows you create Textural Convolution Delays on top of the existing stereo-delay and convolution reverb.


Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
联系VST / AU / AAX

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Deep-Sampled Wurlitzer Electric Piano

29,107 Samples. 8.15 GB HDD (compressed from 22 GB)
8.15 GB的硬盘(从22 GB压缩而来)

8 Microphone perspectives (incl. Neumann, Coles, Neve, AKG etc)
8个麦克风透视图(包括Neumann, Coles, Neve, AKG等)

2 Pro-Grade Reverbs (Bricasti and TC)

3 uniquely recorded D.I signal paths

Warm and saturated true Speaker & Tape samples

Sustains, Staccato (RR), Muted Articulations

Product only available as Direct Download

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.6 (or later) Required
需要完整零售版的Kontakt 5.6(或更高版本)