Welcome to CAGE – the most comprehensive collection of Orchestral Effects ever done.
欢迎来到CAGE -有史以来最全面的管弦乐效果集合。

CAGE (Custom Aleatoric Group Effects) series is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and Emmy nominated composer and orchestrator, Colin O’Malley.
凯奇(自定义自由组合效果)系列由奥斯卡奖,TEC和G.A.N.G奖获奖作曲家Troels Folmann和艾美奖提名作曲家和管弦乐演奏家Colin O’malley制作。

CAGE comes in three dedicated volumes for Strings, Brass and Woodwinds and each volume contains 9 microphone positions.

The microphones are divided into two core groups: Ensemble (Close, Mixed, Decca, Far, Wide) and Divisi (Spot Mic 1, 2, 3 and 4). So whether you want full ensemble or more chamber (divisi) oriented FX – its all there at your finger tips.
麦克风分为两个核心组:合奏(接近,混合,台卡,远,宽)和division (Spot Mic 1, 2, 3和4)。所以无论你想要完整的合奏或更多的室内机(division)导向的FX -它都在你的指尖。

The CAGE Woodwinds Edition contains an articulation list second to none.

We wanted to create something definitive and unrivaled.

The Woodwind Edition alone contains over 380 FX and it is near impossible to find an effect not covered.
木管版单独包含超过380 FX,几乎不可能找到一个效果不覆盖。

The incredible depth of articulations is supported by our custom CAGE Chaos Engine, which contains over 80.000 lines of code.
我们自定义的CAGE Chaos Engine支持令人难以置信的关节深度,该引擎包含超过80000行代码。

The CAGE Chaos Engine allows you to take complete control of the samples and you can control over 1.500 sample parameters with a single click.

In addition you can also randomize all the rack-fx (ex. trance-gate, filters, EQ).

So imagine having the deepest set of articulations with an incredibly intuitive and powerful Chaos Engine.

An infinity of possibilities.

The entire user-interface (UI) was designed in gorgeous 3D and in a way that allows both newcomers and experts to get rolling in a matter of seconds.

CAGE is using a variety of components from our exclusive V8P series and contains over 80.000 lines of code giving you the ultimate flexibility and playability.

One example is the ability to make round robin chains between different articulations, so you can build your own sets of FX chains.

But most importantly CAGE is the most comprehensive collection of orchestral FX ever done.

Take something as simple a “string riser”.

It’s no longer matter of whether you want a rising string sound.

It is a matter of whether you want it in normal legato glissando or perhaps with tremolo motion to it – maybe you want more of a trill based glissando or maybe you just want a horrific grinding string variation.

CAGE has it all and is the definitive collection of orchestral FX.

Hyper Flexible User Interface

CAGE has one of the most advanced, yet highly intuitive interfaces for orchestral sampling.

We took a variety of the concepts from our V8P/8W Orchestral library and ported into CAGE.

The end result is a +80.000 lines of code UI, which includes an advanced articulation browser with assignable articulations, advanced arpegiation and polyphonic step sequencing features.
最终的结果是一个+ 80000行代码的UI,它包括一个高级的发音浏览器,具有可分配的发音,高级的分音和多音步骤排序功能。

Additional midi and remapping functions – all allowing the end-user to mani

Superior Mics & Mixing

CAGE contains 9 different microphones, which are divided into 5 ensemble mics (close, mixed, decca, far, wide) and 4 divisi mics (spot 1-4).
CAGE包含9个不同的麦克风,分为5个合奏麦克风(近、混合、台卡、远、宽)和4个分麦克风(spot 1-4)。

The flexibility of microphone positions allows you to dial in the perfect sound of your choice.

In addition CAGE also comes with a wealth of convolution presets, so you can add otherworldly flavors to your sound.

CAGE is utilizing a variety of custom scripts from our exclusive 8W library.

One of the coolest things is the ability to “round robin” between articulations, so you can built up complicated FX chains made from different presets.

CAGE Chaos Engine

The CAGE Chaos Engine is perhaps the most extreme feature in CAGE.

We wanted to take the concept of Aleatoric (Chance/Randomization) Music and port it to our code and user-interface.

The CAGE Chaos Engine allows you make over 1.500 sample parameters randomize with one click, while also randomizing our new 8Dio FX System (3.0).
CAGE混沌引擎允许您使超过1.500个样本参数随机化与一次点击,同时也随机化我们的新8Dio FX系统(3.0)。

So both the sample content and the assigned FX will be randomized in one glorious cocktail.

The great thing about the CAGE Chaos Engine is that you can control precise how much chaos you want – from a little cosmetic change to the birth of a completely new universe of sounds – all with one click.
CAGE Chaos Engine的伟大之处在于,你可以精确地控制你想要的混乱程度——从一个小小的外观改变到一个全新的声音宇宙的诞生——所有这些都只需点击一下。

14GB HDD (compressed from 31GB)

9 Microphone Positions (5 Ensemble and 4 Spot Mics)

Dedicated High Winds (7 Alto-Flute, 7 Piccolo Flute)

Dedicated Low Winds (7 Contra-Bassoon, 7 Contra Clarinets)

+80.000 Lines of Custom Code. 3D Rendered UI