8Dio EDM Trap is a hyper flexible production tool designed for music producers, composers and DJ.
8Dio EDM Trap是一个超灵活的生产工具设计的音乐制作人,作曲家和DJ。

Trap is one of the fastest emerging styles on the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene.

The style is HipHop oriented, but lending elements from other electronica styles like Dubstep, Moombahton, Drum N’ Bass and others.
这种风格以嘻哈为主,但也借鉴了其他电子风格的元素,如Dubstep、Moombahton、Drum N’Bass等。

The 8DIO EDM Trap library contains 3.5GB Trap Material and covers every aspect of Trap in great depth.
8DIO EDM Trap库包含3.5GB Trap材料,深度涵盖Trap的各个方面。

The library contains hundreds of basses, leads, glitched vocal FX, drums and the ultimate randomizer feature that allows you to create bran new super sounding grooves with one mouse click.

Everything is perfectly tempo-synced to your host and everything is controllable directly from your keys.

8Dio EDM Trap is using a highly advanced, yet ultra intuitive layout that essentially allows you to control all things from you keyboard.
8Dio EDM Trap是使用一个高度先进的,但超直观的布局,本质上允许您从您的键盘控制所有的事情。

The bottom part of the keyboard controls the pitch of the sounds.

The mid part of the keyboard controls the sounds themselves.

The upper part of the keyboard gives you real-time control over all the effects, including distortion, phaser, flanger, lofi, convolution reverb, delay, lowpass, hipass and several other effects.

In addition we also added a Talk-Talk FX to the modwheel – giving you an extreme amount of controls right at your finger tips.
此外,我们还为modwheel添加了一个Talk-Talk FX,让你在指尖就可以进行非常多的控制。

The entire library comes in open 44.1/24 bit .wav format, so the source material can be used in any program desired.