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Emotional Violin – 史上最具表现力的虚拟小提琴。如果您正在为电影配乐、流行音乐、歌曲创作、古典或现代先锋派小提琴作品寻找完美的乐器,Emotional Violin 将是您的首选!这是一款独一无二的虚拟乐器,它的各种发音、直接而纯净的音色以及不同寻常的演奏技巧(包括反弓)都令人信服。它的音色令人印象深刻,同时又充满情感,可以实现前所未有的表达。

Emotional Violin 是在音乐背景下录制的,以捕捉真实乐器演奏者的表现力和自然弓法。智能脚本可实现 50 多种不同的演奏风格和真正的连奏,使该音色库的用途极为广泛。除了常见的演奏风格和衔接外,Emotional Violin 还具有以下非凡技巧:

我们的录音理念是 “情境采样”。为了找到完美的音色,我们用了四年时间录制了各种弦乐器的音色。我们得出的结论是,没有一种技巧能接近训练有素的音乐家真实自然的揉弦。



该音色库还具有一些技术上的改进,例如 “回弓”(Rebowing),它允许你使用按键开关在弓法之间切换,这对于长弓的演奏非常有用。揉弦交叉渐变的工作方式与此类似,可以让你轻松地从非揉弦渐变到揉弦。

情感小提琴》是在慕尼黑附近的 Mastermix 录音室录制的,录音室是一个木板房,天花板很高,与墙壁的距离尽可能大。为了获得最大的灵活性,特意使用了两个 Neumann KM184 和 U87 话筒进行近距离录音。因此,室内音量相当微弱,您可以使用自己的效果器进行进一步处理。不过,您也可以使用集成的卷积混响。

Emotional Violin – the most expressive virtual violin of all time. If you are looking for the perfect instrument for film scoring, pop music, songwriting, classical or modern avant-garde violin compositions, the Emotional Violin is your first choice! A unique, virtual instrument that convinces through its variety of articulations, its direct and unadulterated sound and unusual playing techniques, including rebowing. With its impressive and at the same time emotional sound, it enables expressions that have never been achieved before.

Emotional Violin has been recorded throughout in a musical context to capture the expressiveness and natural bowing of real instrumentalists. The intelligent scripting enables more than 50 different playing styles and True Legato, making this library extremely versatile. In addition to the usual playing styles and articulations, the Emotional Violin also features extraordinary techniques such as:

  • Paganini Run (Legato)
  • Morbid Sustain
  • Riccochet
  • Flautando
  • Sulponti
  • Double Stopped Chords

Contextual Sampling

Our philosophy during the recordings is called “Contextual Sampling”. In order to find the perfect sound, various string instruments were recorded over a period of four years. We came to the conclusion that no technique comes even close to the actual and natural vibrato of a trained musician.

The sampling of real vibrato of course has some conceptual drawbacks, but these recordings are always more inspiring and organic than adding an artificial vibrato. So our goal was to perfectly capture these musical aspects and combine them into a great sounding and easy to play instrument.

The result is a library with unsurpassed authenticity

This wonderful sound is rounded off by a multitude of articulations. Thus, different phrases, turns, variations, bars and closing notes can be used as actually independent phrasings without having to repeat themselves. So that these sounds and articulations can be used appropriately to the context, respective keyswitches such as Delicate Fast, Vivid or Moderate have been added.

This library also features technical refinements such as Rebowing, which allows you to switch between bow strokes using the Keyswitch – extremely useful for long sustains. The Vibrato Crossfade works in a similar way, allowing you to easily fade from non-vibrato to vibrato.

The Recording

The Emotional Violin was recorded at the Mastermix Studio near Munich in a wood-panelled room with a large ceiling height and the greatest possible distance to the wall. For maximum flexibility, two Neumann KM184 and U87 microphones were deliberately used to record closely. Therefore the room amount is quite subtle and you can use your own effects for further processing. However, you can also use the integrated Convolution Reverb.