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ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete is the summit of a library that has continuously grown and been improved over a period of 16 years.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete是一个图书馆的顶峰,在16年的时间里,它一直在成长和改进。

In this sixth edition, 80 new instruments and voices with a volume of 13 gigabytes have been added to the library.

Awarded film-composer Marcel Barsotti (e. g. Pope Joan, The Miracle of Bern) has gathered a gigantic selection of instruments from all over the word and has additionally recorded a wide choice of solo-voices and choirs from widely varying cultures.
获奖电影作曲家Marcel Barsotti(如Pope Joan, The Miracle of Bern)收集了来自世界各地的巨大的乐器选择,并录制了广泛选择的独唱和来自广泛不同文化的唱诗班。

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete now consists of 320 instruments and voices being summarized in approx.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete现在由320种乐器和声音组成。

800 patches.

For the most authentic sound, the instruments have been recorded with different play techniques that can be easily and precisely accessed from the patches by key-switches.

The library consists of 33.4 gigabytes (uncompressed) of sample data and 28,789 samples.
该库包含33.4 gb(未压缩)样本数据和28,789个样本。

All instruments are delivered in a resolution of 24 bit and 44.1 kHz.
所有仪器的分辨率为24位和44.1 kHz。

For the recordings that have been carried out under the direction of producer Andreas Hofner, over 70 musicians and singers from all over the world were involved.
在制作人Andreas Hofner的指导下,来自世界各地的70多名音乐家和歌手参与了这些录音。

Recordings took place in different local studios with the use of first-class gear such as microphones by Neumann and Brauner, SPL preamplifiers and converters by RME.

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete comprises an incredible spectrum of instruments and voices from the most diverse regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, North- and South-America.

Here, you will find the fitting instruments and voice-recordings for folkloric, ethnic as well as for modern music.


The library contains an extensive selection of stringed instruments, plucked and bowed for the recordings, as well as the most different woodwinds including numerous flutes and, of course, a large selection of drums and percussion

Beside the film-score-proven taikos and big ethnic tom drums, there are hundreds of inspiring loops and even a complete category which is dedicated to “Gongs, Bells & Metal Type Instruments”, ranging from the large big feng gong to delicately sparkling wind chimes.

New in ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete are some unique sounds such as the two meter spanning gong by Paiste, several new percussion-instruments and a waterphone.
新在ETHNO WORLD 6完整是一些独特的声音,如帕斯特的两米跨越锣,几个新的打击乐器和水电话。

Almost all sections of the predecessor have been expanded once again.

In addition, a couple of instruments of ETHNO WORLD 5 have been re-recorded, among then a new mandolin and a great sounding banjo programmed with countless articulations and licks, being played by one of Germanys best banjo-players, Rüdiger Helbig.
此外,ETHNO WORLD 5的一些乐器已经被重新录制,其中包括一个新的曼陀林和一个伟大的班卓琴,由德国最好的班卓琴演奏者之一Rüdiger Helbig演奏。

Furthermore, you will now find a concertina, an autoharp, a Japanese koto, the aforementioned new mandolin with multiple play styles, a South-American charango, a bansuri, bass quena and an Indian flute plus additional play styles for the instruments launeddas, mancosedda, dvojacka and the Irish traverse flute.
此外,你现在会发现一个手风琴,一个自动竖琴,一个日本古筝,前面提到的具有多种演奏风格的新型曼陀林,一个南美charango,一个bansuri,低音quena和一个印度长笛,以及其他乐器launeddas, mancosedda, dvojacka和爱尔兰横笛的演奏风格。


ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete offers extensive solo-voices, phrases and choirs from Cameroon, Guinea, China, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Northern Africa, Spain and Ukraine.

The voices and choirs have been expanded by new contributions from Africa, Arabia, Jamaica and India.

For example, the Houari Algerian rai singer is not only perfectly predestined to create an authentic atmosphere but equally suited to be used in EDM and Hip-Hop.

Equally extraordinary are the Mongolian overtone singings, the voices of the Chinese opera, Arabian, Indian and African choirs and solo-voices as well as the chants of American natives.

Thus, there is a versatile choice of voices being usable in the wide range of film-scoring, for ethnic- or traditional music but also suited for modern music productions.

With its choice of instruments and voices, ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete is the perfect library for film- and television productions that demand authentic sounds from specifiy regions of the world.
凭借其选择的乐器和声音,ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete是电影和电视制作的完美库,需要来自世界特定地区的真实声音。

Naturally, the instruments and voices also lend themselves to be used in music productions of diverse genres that embrace these specific sonic elements – from pop to ambient to dance.


ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete contains all sounds of the previous versions, being sorted in the categories “Bowed Instruments”, “Stringed Instruments”, “Woodwind & Brass”, “Key Instruments”, “World Drums”, “World Percussion” and “Gongs, Bells & Metals” and “Voices”.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete包含了之前版本的所有声音,被分类为“弓乐器”,”弦乐器”,“木管乐器和铜管”,”关键乐器”,“世界鼓”,”世界打击乐器”和“锣,铃和金属”和“声音”。

In addition, a good number of special instruments have been newly recorded for version 6.

Among these is the new “Gamelan” category containing two different gamelan orchestras from Bali and Java, available in slendro, pelog and international tunings, being recorded in Munich’s Stadtmuseum.

Here, you will find more than 25 instruments such as kempli, kendhang drums, cheng cheng, bells, kecer cymbals, kethuk and kempiang.

These instruments are complemented by a harmonically ideal matching Balinese female singer, the typical suling flute and the siter harp.

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete therefore offers the largest orchestral setup of gamelan instruments from Indonesia.
因此,ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete提供了印度尼西亚最大的佳美兰乐器管弦乐队。

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete also unlocks an entire new region by offering a complete ensemble of alpine folk music including plucking instruments, brass as well as male and female yodelers.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete还通过提供完整的阿尔卑斯民族音乐合奏,包括弹拨乐器、铜管乐器以及男性和女性岳得尔人,打开了一个全新的区域。

Find instruments like the Styrian harmonica, a nylon stringed concert guitar, zither, raffele, dulcimer, alpenhorn, flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, folk-violin and two clarinets.

And of course, an acoustic bass is not missing.

For historical contexts, such as historic drams and fantasy movies, ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete offers a large selection of medieval instruments, among them a hurdy gurdy, renaissance lute, fife, doucaine, shawm, pasalterium, pump organ and a shruti box.
对于历史背景,如历史戏剧和幻想电影,ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete提供了大量中世纪乐器的选择,其中包括手摇琴、文艺复兴时期的琵琶、横笛、doucaine、shawm、pasalterium、泵风琴和舒勒提盒。

In short: all instruments needed for songs about fire and ice.


ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete uses the free Kontakt 5 Player by Native Instruments as its sample-engine and can of course be used with the full version of Kontakt 5, too.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete使用本地乐器的免费Kontakt 5播放器作为它的样本引擎,当然也可以与完整版的Kontakt 5一起使用。

For the new version, the user-interface has been completely redesigned graphically and optimized for ultra fast access.

There are numerous editing possibilities as well as innovative functions.

ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete supports the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS), which allows tagging and interaction with the NI Komplete Kontrol keyboards and NI Maschine.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete支持本地控制标准(NKS),它允许标记和与NI完全控制键盘和NI机器的交互。

Further additions are a new waveform display, visualization of the sample-start-offset as well as a clearer use of the effects where, among other features, delay times are now displayed in tempo-related note values and milliseconds.

The Timemachine (TM PRO) delivers significantly improved audio results with tempo adapted material, especially for polyphonic licks and loops.
timmachine (TM PRO)提供了显著改善的音频结果与节奏适应的材料,特别是复调licks和循环。

And this is not only a benefit for the newly recorded sounds of ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete but also for all sounds of ETHNO WORLD 5 which have been completely reworked in this regard.
这不仅对新录制的ETHNO WORLD 6完整的声音有好处,而且对ETHNO WORLD 5的所有声音都有好处,这些声音在这方面已经完全重制了。

At the same time, the number of patches has been reduced leading to a clearer menu structure.

Thanks to the integrated convolution reverb, all instruments and voices sound exceptionally realistic and natural.

Solo instruments additionally offer a high-quality legato mode.

Plus, the humanize mode will lend each new note as slightly changed timbre.

The micro-tuning allows the use of multiple ethnical tunings and scales.

By using top-quality filters, LFOs, tune, automation, harmonizer and further effects, all instruments and voices can be efficiently edited and manipulated if needed, allowing to create new sonic worlds equally suited for modern music genres and film productions.

A unique feature of ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete is the integrated IDB-INFO (Information Database) being directly addressable from every instrument and voice.
ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete的一个独特特性是集成的IDB-INFO(信息数据库),可以从每个仪器和声音直接寻址。

Via the menu entry “IDB-INFO”, you can access photos of the instruments as well as many details about their original play techniques and tunings, origin and variations.

Also, you will find notes how play the corresponding instrument with realistic results using the key-switches.