This is the (still) unreleased private SOLO Boy Soloists library version 1.0 by Audio Imperia.
这是Audio Imperia的私人SOLO Boy Soloists库1.0版本(仍然)。

Not on the market yet

To really celebrate this year´s Black Friday, we decided to play to our strenths in voice and vocal virtual instrument development and introduce “Solo – Boy Soloists” as a free addition to our SOLO product range, which we launched earlier this year.
为了真正庆祝今年的黑色星期五,我们决定发挥我们的实力在声音和声乐虚拟乐器的发展,并引入“Solo – Boy Soloists”作为我们今年早些时候推出的Solo产品系列的免费补充。

A completely new product that we recorded only a few weeks ago in the same recording space as SOLO, this library includes a set of articulations sung by two incredibly talented boy singers from the children´s choir in Budapest.

Each of two boy soloists instruments have an Aah and Ooh Legato, as well as Aah and Ooh Sustains.

Solo – Boy Soloists is a powerful storytelling tool taht truly shines throught its enchanting and emotion-brimming vocals taht carry with them a sense of purity and tranquility.
Solo – Boy Soloists是一个强大的讲故事工具,真正闪耀的是它迷人的和充满情感的声音,带着他们的一种纯净和宁静的感觉。

The library will be free to any customers purchasing one of the two available Black Friday bundle packages and is only going to be available from 17th of November until December 4th.

System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT FULL v6.6.1
系统要求:免费的KONTAKT播放器或KONTAKT FULL v6.6.1