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Master Sessions is Heavyocity’s boutique line of scoring tools for the pro composer.
Master Sessions是Heavyocity为职业作曲家开发的精品评分工具。

Recorded in New York City, the Master Sessions series focuses on specific instruments and ensembles housed in Heavyocity’s award-winning engine (powered by Kontakt).

Master Sessions delivers an epic sound without the epic price!

From intricate, piercing highs to thunderous booming lows (and nearly everything in between), Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals sets a dynamic new standard for cinematic percussive metals.
从复杂的,刺穿的高点到雷鸣般的蓬勃发展的低点(和几乎之间的一切),大师Sessions: Ensemble Metals为电影打击金属设置了一个动态的新标准。

Complete with 12 unique multi-sampled metal ensembles and over 300 tempo-synced loops, Ensemble Metals is the diverse new chapter your library of percussion elements has been waiting for.

Captured in simultaneous six-player ensembles, and then processed with Heavyocity’s signature sound design skill, Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals is THE must-have metals instrument for the serious cinematic composer.
同时捕捉到6人合奏,然后使用Heavyocity的标志性声音设计技能处理,Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals是严肃电影作曲家必须拥有的金属乐器。

The 12 ensembles run the gamut of epic and punchy (kegs & trash cans), to sharp and penetrating (railroad spikes & pipes).

These ensembles ooze with playable metallic character, and are presented in both menu and single kit presets, providing complete mastery of your sound.

Mix and shape your sound using Heavyocity’s proprietary interface containing global effects (reverb, delay, distortion, and chorus mod), per-metal EQ, per-channel ADSR, TriggerFX, and the signature Punish and Twist knobs.
混合和塑造你的声音使用Heavyocity的专有接口,包括全球效果(混响,延迟,失真,和合唱曲mod),每个金属EQ,每个频道ADSR, TriggerFX,和签名的惩罚和扭曲旋钮。

► Ensemble Metals – Loops

Ensemble Metals – Loops contains over 300 tempo-synced phrases arranged in menu and single loop presets.
Ensemble Metals – Loops包含超过300个节奏同步短语安排在菜单和单个循环预设。

As an exciting new feature, the content is now divided into straight and triplet loops.

Rearrange and adjust the loops by slice with Heavyocity’s signature “Loop Mutator”.
用Heavyocity的签名“Loop Mutator”重新排列和调整循环。

Dial in the Trigger FX, master effects, filter modulation and ADSR for radical sonic results.

Layer massive kits with hybrid loops to create huge walls of percussion.

Mix and match loop “stems” to build your own unique combinations of tempo-synced rhythms.

► Master Your Sound

Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals’ user interface was designed FOR composers and sound designers BY composers and sound designers, providing simple, intuitive ways to alter the sounds without leaving the interface.
Ensemble Metals的用户界面是由作曲家和声音设计师为作曲家和声音设计师设计的,提供了简单、直观的方法来改变声音而无需离开界面。

Three levels of effects are intrinsically bound to the Kit and Loop components — apply effects globally, engage the Trigger-FX, or tweak individual sounds.
三个级别的效果本质上绑定到Kit和Loop组件-应用全局效果,engage Trigger-FX,或调整单个声音。

► EQ, Filter, Modulate
►EQ, Filter, modulation

Sculpt your sound with per-channel and per-loop EQs or add sizzle and punch with the 4-band Master EQ. Control the modulation of filters with an envelope or LFO in Ensemble Metals – Loops, altering the amount and rate of an LFO, or trigger the Filter with an ADSR envelope.
用每通道和每环路的EQ塑造你的声音,或者用4波段的主EQ添加咝嘶声和冲孔。在Ensemble Metals – Loops中,用包络线或LFO控制滤波器的调制,改变LFO的数量和速率,或用ADSR包络线触发滤波器。

► Twist, Punish, Effect

Globally affect the preset with one of the 4 Master FX (Delay, Mod, Drive, and Convolution).

You have control over four effect-specific parameters (like effect amount, rate, size, or depth).

Dial in the aggression with the signature “Punish” Knob, a combination of saturation, distortion, and compression.

Or, modulate the shape of the sound with the “Twist” knob.

► Bunker Studios

Ensemble Metals was recorded at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY by John Davis (not of Korn).
Ensemble Metals是由约翰·戴维斯(不是Korn的)在纽约布鲁克林的邦克录音室录制的。

The 3,000 square foot recording studio utilizes a wide array of analog gear, including an SSL 4040e mixing console, BAE microphone Pre’s, and a massive collection of vintage and modern microphones.
这个3000平方英尺的录音室使用了广泛的模拟装置,包括一个SSL 4040e混音控制台,BAE Pre的麦克风,以及大量的复古和现代麦克风。

The pinewood room of Studio A, boasting a huge 25’ ceiling, was the ideal environment for achieving the tight, punchy impact we desired for the Ensemble Metals Collection.

► Ensemble Performances

The Heavyocity team performed all the percussion found in Ensemble Metals collection.
Heavyocity团队表演了在Ensemble Metals collection中发现的所有打击乐器。

Each ensemble consists of round-robin performances at multiple velocities.

Close, room and ceiling-mounted X-Y mics created the perfect capturing environment for the massive ensembles.

► Creative Processing

All content was mixed and mastered through Heavyocity’s high end signal chain of analog and digital equipment.

In addition to the crisp, organic percussion, we tweaked, eq’ed, filtered, and modulated the content to produce grittier, overdriven sounds and loops.

Library Features:

2.65 GB uncompressed (1.5 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
2.65 GB未压缩(使用NI无损压缩的磁盘上为1.5 GB)

22 Ensemble Kits

52 Kit Presets

464 Loop Presets

420+ Loops
420 +循环

The Stage for easy stereo placement

Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control