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Lacrimosa is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann.
眼泪是由奥斯卡奖,TEC和G.A.N.G奖获奖作曲家和制作人Troels Folmann制作。

The Lacrimosa Choir consists of 70 Basses, 60 Tenors, 40 Altos and 30 Sopranos – in essence following the concept of a pyramid like structure – with a rich heavy bottom and shining bright top.

It generates a perfect balance – where the deeper/lower parts of the choir are capable of matching the shiny/higher ranges.

The Lacrimosa Choir was recorded in the same large orchestral hall used for exclusive V8P series and 8Dio CAGE & AGE – and contains three microphone positions (Mixed, DECCA & Far).
《泪之合唱团》是在V8P系列和8Dio CAGE & AGE的大型管弦乐大厅录制的,包含三个麦克风位置(混合,DECCA & Far)。

The Choir contains a wealth of deep-sampled articulations and a variety of new and advanced articulations never used in any existing choir libraries.

The True Layered Legato contains velocity based legatos – meaning you get a completely smooth legato experience depending on how hard you play the keys – from very soft and slurred to fast, strong and epic.

The new advanced Multi-Vowels allows you to create complete realistic sentences for the choir.

The multi-vowels were recorded in different dynamics, so you can have the choir go from soft to larger then life epic.

We also created a new advanced word/phrase sequencer that allows you to sequence advanced strings of words and phrases.

Lacrimosa also contains wealth of deep-sampled core articulations, including 24 different staccatos, 8 sustain types at multiple dynamics, 11 different power marcatos, 10 different expressive arcs, a large section of non-tonal vowels that allows you to create new words by blending muted sounds with the tonals.
Lacrimosa还包含丰富的深采样核心清晰度,包括24个不同的断音,8个维持类型在多种动力,11个不同的力量marcatos, 10个不同的表达弧,一大部分非音调元音,允许您创建新的单词混合柔和的声音与音调。

Lacrimosa also include Choral FX and our new Chaos FX system.

Lacrimosa Choir was recorded in one of the greatest symphony halls in the world and contains 96Khz, 3 microphone positions (Mixed, Decca, Far).
泪之唱诗班是在世界上最伟大的交响乐大厅之一录制的,包含96Khz, 3个麦克风位置(混合,台卡,远)。

The custom built UI system for Lacrimosa was built from scratch and contains over 35.000 lines of code giving you the ultimate experience in ease, flexibility and playability, including our new hyper-flexible word/phrase builder.

The Lacrimosa Choir is designed for epic music and is the largest choir ever sampled.

The 200 piece choir is comprised of 70 Basses, 60 Tenors, 40 Altos and 30 Sopranos – in essence following the concept of a pyramid like structure – with a rich heavy bottom and shining bright top.

Lacrimosa sits incredibly well with large epic orchestrations, but also in more traditional symphonic context.

The Lacrimosa Choir was truly recorded with 200 singers and not by triple-tracking a smaller ensemble, which gives a notably different sound

Lacrimosa contains a brand new Word Sequencer that allows you to build words and phrases.

The Word Sequencer to create complicated sequence of syllables, consonants, multi-vowels and non-tonal sounds.

You can sequence up to 64 different articulations and create highly complicated sentences of words.

The builder also allows you to randomize sequences, assign advanced controls and we added non-tonal consonants on top of the keyboard for additional sculpting.

Lacrimosa features our next-generation true layered legato, which means that the velocity pressure of your keyboard will trigger different legato transitions.

The softer you play – the more gentle and slurred the transition is and the harder you play – the more fast and stronger the legato transition becomes.

The end-result is a complete smooth and playable experience.

The choir simply just sings the way you want it and with both true layered legato and multiple dynamics – its simply just a joy to play and hear.