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SOLO CELLO DESIGNER is a massive collection of over 1.800 phrases.
SOLO CELLO DESIGNER是一个超过1800个短语的大型集合。

The intention of the library was to sample completely realistic Solo Cello by creating an incredible collection of musical phrases.

We programmed the library in a way that gives you maximum control over the phrases and literally allows you to sculpt 100% realistic solo cello performances.

It was deliberately designed to support, augment and in some cases replace existing solo cello libraries.

Essentially this library takes over where normal multi-samples (ex. legato, sustains) can’t perform.

We call this concept, deep phrase-sampling.

SOLO CELLO DESIGNER comes with a variety of phrase sculpting tools, including pitch-control, time-stretching / time-compression, sample offset (which allows you to “scroll” into any phrase and trigger any part of it, FX and convolution reverbs.
SOLO CELLO设计师配备了各种短语雕刻工具,包括pitch-control,时间拉伸/时间压缩,样本偏移(这允许你“滚动”到任何短语,并触发它的任何部分,FX和卷积混响。

The pitch-control is not affected by tempo, so by controlling pitch, time-stretching/compression and sample offset you can essentially adapt the phrase to match the pitch and tempo of your composition.

In addition we added a variety of other features.

You can control the dynamics, attack and releases of each sample.

You can control the EQ (high, mids and lows), Gates and Filter.

You can also control a variety of FX directly from the keyboard, including bit-resolution, delay, reverb, distortion, rotator and we added a beefy collection of custom convolution reverbs.

Important Note: SOLO CELLO DESIGNER is phrase-based.
重要注意:SOLO CELLO设计师是基于短语的。

If you want multi-sampled cello please check out our Adagio Cellos, which contains advanced, fully-playable legato-based solo cello.

► The Power of Phrases

8Dio Solo Cello Designer contains over 1.800 phrases that can be manipulated in an infinite amount of ways.
8Dio Solo大提琴设计师包含超过1800个短语,可以操纵在无限的方式。

The idea is to give you an arsenal of advanced phrases that are impossible to achieve with traditional multi-samples.

The Solo Cello Designer contains an unrivaled set of phrase sculpting tools, including pitch-control, time-stretching / time-compression, sample offset (which allows you to “scroll” into any phrase and trigger any part of it, FX and convolution reverbs.

► Instant Results

The Solo Cello Designer contains a highly intuitive user-interface designed to give you instant results.

You can access hundreds of phrases which are divided by the name of the composer (ex. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms etc).

In addition you can control the Key/Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Attack and Release.

We also created sample off-set tools on your pitch-bender and modwheel, so essentially you can go back and forward in any given phrase and select whatever segment you want.

Easy as pie and with an infinite amount of combinations.

► Chaos Effects 3.0

Our new 3.0 FX CHAOS Engine is perhaps the most extreme feature in Solo Cello Designer.
我们新的3.0 FX CHAOS引擎可能是Solo Cello Designer中最极端的功能。

The 3.0 FX CHAOS Engine allows you make over 1.500 sample parameters randomize with one click, while also randomizing our new 8Dio FX System.
3.0 FX混沌引擎允许您使超过1.500个样本参数随机与点击,同时也随机我们的新8Dio FX系统。

So both the sample content and the assigned FX will be randomized in one glorious cocktail.

The great thing about the Chaos Engine is that you can control precise how much chaos you want – from a little cosmetic change to the birth of a completely new universe of sounds – all with one click.

– 1.800+ Solo Cello Phrases
– 1.800+独奏大提琴短语

– Time-Stretching and Pitch Control

– Deep controls and Convolution Reverb(s)