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The Soundiron BONTASTIC!
的Soundiron BONTASTIC !

Vintage Organ instrument captures with perfect clarity the retro sound of the rare Bontempi B4 Electronic Table Organ.
古董风琴乐器捕捉与完美清晰的复古声音罕见的Bontempi B4电子表风琴。

The instrument’s vivid orange plastic exterior echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and early 1980s during which time the organ was produced.

The Bontempi organ that Bontastic!

recreates is deceptively simple — 25 keys and 8 chord buttons, no stops or options.

But with Bontastic!
但随着Bontastic !

we here at Soundiron have retrofitted a classic instrument and unlocked all the potential from a classic piece of music equipment.

The power of Bontastic!

is really unlocked by the easy-to-use yet powerful 3D-modeled user interface.

Basic sound shaping options are included: volume swell, note attack time, release time and sample start offset let users mold the sound anyway they want.

Other main controls include vibrato and a special “Octave” knob, which really beefs up the instrument by doubling and tripling the notes being played at different octaves.

This really unlocks the hidden character of the Bontempi organ.

The “Glide” option adds an adjustable-speed portamento pitch bend between notes.

The advanced tempo-syncable LFO system features configurable LFO shape, modulation target, speed, intensity, and fade-in time.

A versatile filter system allows you to select between 13 filter types, modulation options, and control the frequency and resonance.

As always, we included our customizable arpeggiator, which lets users control pattern direction, rhythm, swing, randomization and duration.

The advanced GUI is rounded out by our modular FX rack, which lets users put any of 18 different effects (reverb, distortion, etc.) in up to 10 slots, in any chain order they desire.

This also includes 119 of Soundiron’s high quality impulse responses which can be loaded into the “Reverb” effect.
这也包括119 Soundiron的高质量脉冲响应,可以加载到“混响”效果。


Bontastic !

was recorded using a stereo pair of low-noise Neumann TLM 103 microphones to capture the full acoustic range of the instrument.
使用一对立体声低噪声诺伊曼TLM 103麦克风记录,以捕捉仪器的整个声学范围。

Sustaining notes for each key were recorded with two round robins, as well as four round robins for staccato notes.

The same sustaining and staccato articulations were recorded for all eight of the chord buttons (A#, C, F, and G chords, both major and minor), as well as a variety of key and motor effects.
所有8个和弦按钮(A#, C, F和G和弦,大调和小调)都记录了相同的持续和断奏发音,以及各种键和运动效果。

The included octave, vibrato and FX rack give you an easy-to-use interface to completely customize and shape a classic retro sound.

The library comes equipped with flexible control features, like Swell, pitch Glide, Attack, Release, Vibrato, and Octave.

There’s also a complete DSP effects rack, including convolution reverb with dozens of unique spaces, such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and plenty of otherworldly FX impulses to fully explore and endless variety of strange and unexpected sonic manipulations.

– 2 Main Instrument Presets with advanced performance controls, vibrato, glide speed, LFO, Filter, Arp and full FX rack
– 2主仪器预置与先进的性能控制,颤音,滑翔速度,LFO,过滤器,Arp和充分的FX机架

– 20 Custom Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets
– 20个自定义声音设计FX和环境预设

– Sustains, Staccatos, Chord Sustains, Chord Staccatos and Acoustic effects samples

– Glide control for legato speed

– Standard monophonic functionality or polyphonic when Glide is set to 0

– Octave feature which gradually adds a lower and higher octave

– Convolution Reverb with 119 different cathedrals, churches, chambers, rooms, halls and special effect impulses

– A full multi-effects rack, with EQ, filter, phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp & speaker simulation and more

Product Specs

– 1.2 GB Installed
—1.2 GB

– 358 Samples
– 358样品

– 22 Kontakt 5.5.2 .nki preset banks
– 22 Kontakt 5.5.2 .nki预设银行

– 24 bit / 48kHz Stereo uncompressed PCM wav audio
– 24位/ 48kHz立体声未压缩PCM wav音频

– Unlocked wav samples can be directly imported into almost any wav-compatible plugin or DAW

This library is designed for the FULL retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later!
这个库是为Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5或更高版本的完整零售版本设计的!