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Antidrum Machine is the ultimate compendium of alternative instruments, experimental percussive sounds, toys, junk, machines, tools, surfaces and objects and all kinds of other uniquely musical and acoustically interesting sonic sources.
Antidrum Machine是替代乐器,实验敲击声音,玩具,垃圾,机器,工具,表面和物体和所有种类的其他独特的音乐和声学有趣的声源的最终纲要。

This vibrant palette of musical inspiration contains a vast collection of “found-sounds”, field recordings, prepared objects, surfaces, machines and noisy contraptions, booming bass to tight clicks, clacks, zips, zings, ticks and tocks.

Antidrum Machine includes all of the content from our Antidrum series of libraries (Antidrum 1, Antidrum 2, and Antidrum 3) all well as Cathedral of Junk, Luftballoon, Luminabells, PVC Beatbox Ensemble, and Snow Drums.
Antidrum机器包括所有的内容从我们的Antidrum系列库(Antidrum 1, Antidrum 2,和Antidrum 3)以及大教堂的垃圾,Luftballoon, Luminabells, PVC Beatbox Ensemble,和雪鼓。

We’ve also created a vast new volume of toys, instruments and sound sources exclusively for this compendium.

Antidrum Machine has been built from the ground up for Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and Komplete Kontrol platforms, including full support for Maschine and all S-Series keyboards.
Antidrum Machine是为Native Instruments的免费Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX)和完整的Kontrol平台构建的,包括对机器和所有s系列键盘的完全支持。

It’s the perfect collection for composers, sound designers and anyone looking for unconventional musical ideas to round out their musical tool chest.

This library contains 3 different preset types that allow users to interact with the content in different ways.

The Dual Layer preset type allows every articulation to be played tuned spread across the key range exposing the sonic qualities of all the sounds.

There are two fully configurable layers in this preset type, each with sound selection, LFO, filter and sound shaping controls: volume, attack, offset, release, bass, treble, pitch and panning.

The Single Effects preset type gives users access to all the special single-shot effects that didn’t fit into any velocity or round-robin based articulation.

Each Single Effects preset has the same sound controls as each layer in the Dual Layer presets.

The Ensemble preset types spread all the articulations across the available key range.

LFO, filter, and sound shaping controls are available, as well as mapping customization.

Users can remap any articulation to any key, and we include a Random button to really let users explore how a midi beat changes when randomly selected percussive sounds are assigned to the keys.

Every preset type includes our integrated ARP arpeggiator system, featuring a suite of options like rhythm, direction, swing and randomization.

The easy Glide feature is also included, instantly turning sustaining content into a monophonic legato/portamento instrument with adjustable pitch bend speed control, and adds an adjustable pitch bend to percussive content.
easy Glide功能也包括在内,立即将持续内容转换为单音连奏/portamento乐器与可调音高弯曲速度控制,并增加一个可调音高弯曲打击乐器内容。

All LFOs are configurable with user-selectable shape and target parameter, as well as free or tempo-synced speed, depth and attack.

Every Filter is powerful, letting users select from 12 different filter types and modulation options such as sustain pedal and step sequencer.

A Deep User Interface

Powerful Custom User Interface with CC and host automation support for all major DAWs and Komplete Kontrol hardware and software.

Each layer has its own primary controls for Volume, Attack, Release, Offset, Pitch, Pan, Modulation routing and Filter settings.

Try the Map window “Randomize” button in the Ensemble presets to instantly generate new ensemble mappings for inspiration on the fly.

Our FX Rack comes equipped with 18 powerful effect modules, each with configurable controls and customizable routing and chain saving/loading.

119 integrated custom convolution reverb IR samples in 10 distinct categories (Cathedral, Chamber, Large Room, Small Room, Hallways, Underground, Outdoors, Long FX and Short FX)

Product Specs

Product Version 1.0

21,038 Samples

8.1 GB installed (13.6 GB wav source uncompressed)
安装8.1 GB(未压缩的13.6 GB wav源)

39 nki Kontakt instrument Banks
39 nki Kontakt工具银行

Thousands of unique sound source presets.

24 bit / 48kHz lossless compressed NCW samples
24位/ 48kHz无损压缩NCW样本

Works with the free Kontakt Player (version 5.6.8+), Komplete Kontrol and all S-Series Keyboards