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In true Spitfire fashion, we take 4 vintage keyboard workhorses and create a definitive, deep sampled, musical rendering of these classic instruments.

The finest maintained Electric Piano, Stage Piano, Electric Keyboard Bass & Electric Clavichord, by the finest of players via a unique, classic and unbeatable signal path by an engineering great.

Four pristinely maintained classic vintage keyboards from the 1960s and 1970s performed by a session giant and recorded by a top London-based engineer through a sumptuous signal path to give a truly ‘Spitfire’ take on electric pianos.

Deep and pristinely crafted samples by our Spitfire engineers were then exhaustively tested by keyboard players for the most realistic response.

North 7 Vintage Keys is presented in Spitfire’s incredibly popular eDNA engine, to provide you with the potential to take these classic signals from the 20th Century and warp them into the 21st.
北7 Vintage Keys是在喷火的令人难以置信的流行的eDNA引擎中呈现的,为您提供了从20世纪的这些经典信号,并将它们传送到21世纪的潜力。

With a host of presets designed by our own in-house funkateer, Christian Henson, these offer a mere glimpse at the potential of this collaboration.
由我们自己的内部funkateer, Christian Henson设计的一系列预置,这些提供了一个纯粹的一瞥,这个合作的潜力。

Characterful, vibey and like no other vintage library of this type, North 7 Vintage Keys offers you the scope to take these classics and make them your own.
特色,vibey和没有其他复古图书馆的这种类型,北7 vintage Keys提供给你的范围,把这些经典,并使他们自己的。


After years of experimenting, researching and soul searching, Spitfire finally turns its hand to the well trodden path of vintage electric pianos, organs and other curiosities.

“Could we make a difference?” we asked ourselves.

By simply applying the Spitfire ethos to how we record everything else, with affluent abandon, we felt we could.

Spitfire are proud to announce the beginning of what we hope will be a beautiful union.

N7 studios and productions are based in the new immense music industry hub;

Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London, the largest of its kind in Europe.
位于伦敦Kings Cross的Tileyard工作室,是欧洲同类工作室中最大的。

Among this melting pot of innovation and experience sits producer and engineer Simon Changer (Bjork, David Gray, Jamiroquai, Finlay Quaye) not only a talented force in his own right but an engineering magpie, who has built a studio from the finest fragments and polished jewels scattered citywide after the decimation of the London studio scene.

Welcome to N7 studios.

This was our first port of call for the finest, but most pristinely maintained unique signal paths in London today.

A long time collaborator of Simon and partner in the North 7 Vintage Keys project is Sean Hargreaves (Ella Eyre, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Buble, Alison Moyet, Trevor Horn) a keyboard wizard and producer, but no lesser Magpie than Simon.
西蒙的长期合作伙伴和North 7 Vintage Keys项目的合作伙伴是肖恩·哈格里夫斯(Ella Eyre, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Buble, Alison Moyet, Trevor Horn),他是键盘精灵和制作人,但喜喜之人并不比西蒙少。

For Sean has one of the most pristinely maintained collections of classic keyboard instruments that we know of.

We charged them with the task of creating the definitive collection of classic work-horse 1960s and 70s keyboards;

The ‘Spitfire Electric Piano’, a not-for-the-superstitious ‘Electric Clavichord’, a Stage Piano, and the rare Electric Keyboard Bass (made famous by Ray Manzarek of The Doors in the absence of a full time bassist) this one dating back to 1962 with a serial number of 000463!
“喷火电钢琴”,一个不迷信的“电击弦钢琴”,一个舞台钢琴,和罕见的电键盘贝斯(使著名的Ray Manzarek的门在没有一个正式的贝斯手),这可以追溯到1962年,序列号为000463!


Arguably the most successful work-horse electric piano of the 1960s and 70s.

This 73 note instrument generates sound using keys and hammers in the same manner as an acoustic piano, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which are then amplified via an electromagnetic pickup.

Our favourite exponents of the instrument would be Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Bob James, Richard Tee, Joe Zawinul, and Chick Corea, whilst appearing on countless classic Jazz Funk, RnB, Pop and Rock (possibly most famously with its use on The Doors’ “Riders On The Storm”) tracks throughout the 1970s, not to mention a plethora of pulpy,

blackspoitation, crime caper films of the same era, from Dirty Harry to Towering Inferno.

Why is this instrument such a favourite of ours?

Possibly for its particular prominence in Vince Guaraldi’s soundtracks for Peanuts / Charlie Brown films.
可能是因为它在文斯·瓜拉尔迪(Vince Guaraldi)为《花生》(Peanuts)和《查理·布朗》(Charlie Brown)系列电影配乐中的突出表现。

But more probably its sensual use by Vangelis on his masterful score for Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’.
但更可能的是,范吉利斯在为雷德利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)的《银翼杀手》(Blade Runner)配乐时,将其运用到了感官上。


Arguably its most famous incarnation is on Stevie’s monster ‘Superstition’ written originally as part of a collaboration with Jeff Beck, with this instrument being used merely as an illustration of what Stevie wanted the guitars to do.

The sound is produced by a harp of 60 tensioned steel strings oriented diagonally below the key surface.

Each key of the simple keyboard action is a single lever element that pivots on a fulcrum point at the rear.

A spring returns the key to the rest position.

The unique playing feel of this instrument comes from this abrupt impact of the pad striking its anvil point against the string.

The Clavichord responds well to guitar effects, especially the wah wah pedal as expertly demonstrated on the seminal “Head Hunters” recordings by Herbie Hancock.

►舞台钢琴“THE WURLY”

Not only a stalwart of RnB classics from the likes of Ray Charles and Donny Hathaway, this instrument found its way onto countless hits of the 70s and 80s with Elton John, Richard Carpenter, Edward Van Halen, and possibly most famously on Supertramp’s “Dreamer”.

The 64 note Stage Piano (known to many musos as a “Wurly”) comprises of a single steel reed for each key, activated by a miniature version of a conventional grand piano action and forming part of an electrostatic pickup system.

We love it for its soft mellow tones at the bottom, and its biting totally transformed angry mid-tones when played harder and louder.


A much rarer, but no less pristinely kept instrument from 1962.

The world’s first dedicated keyboard bass instrument made uniquely famous by Ray Mazarek of The (bass guitar-less) Doors.
这是世界上第一个专用键盘低音乐器,由The(无低音吉他)Doors的Ray Mazarek制作而闻名于世。

His use of the electric piano bass was so iconic, his widow recently donated his model to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This set of samples are a rare chance to create the most amazing dub bass style, sub harmonic rich Hip Hop style bass lines.

Using the same technology as the “EP”, the Finger Bass is an instrument finely tuned to provide the richest low end, while having the pump and attack you can only get with a piano style instrument.

The bass presets designed by Christian Henson offer a mere starting point of how far you could take this bad boy.
由Christian Henson设计的低音预设提供了一个起点,让你知道你可以把这个坏男孩走多远。