SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS – PERCUSSION 在一个包含 18 种最重要打击乐器的紧凑型库中提供了同样专业的音效。丰富的发音、强大的演奏功能、板载效果和统一的工作流程,使其成为各种类型作曲家和制作人的必备工具。

18 种管弦打击乐器的多功能组合,在布达佩斯的 Studio 22 录制而成。PERCUSSION 音域宽广、音色清晰、特色鲜明,并具有全面的发音、深度采样和高级演奏功能。PERCUSSION 将引起管弦乐、流行乐和电子音乐作曲家和制作人的共鸣。

4 GB(压缩)
18 种已录制乐器
21 个 NKI,包括 1 个套件
1 个立体声麦克风混音,无混音器页面
安装或将 ISO 刻录到 DVD

SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS – PERCUSSION offers the same professional sound in a compact library of the 18 most important percussion instruments. A wide range of articulations, powerful performance features, on-board effects, and a unified workflow make this an essential tool for composers and producers of all genres.

A versatile set of 18 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. PERCUSSION offers superb range, clarity, and character, with comprehensive articulations, deep sampling, and advanced performance features. PERCUSSION will resonate with orchestral, pop, and electronic composers and producers.

4 GB (compressed)
18 recorded instruments
21 NKIs, including 1 Kit
Tremolo, Crescendo Roll, Flam, Edge variations and FX articulations
Drum Head Resonance Simulation
1 stereo microphone mix, no Mixer page
Effects page with EQ, Reverb, Compression, and Filter
Mount or burn ISO to a DVD