Acustica 和 Improve your Mix(意大利第一专业音响门户网站)团队与意大利顶级混音工程师 Salvatore Addeo 和意大利最伟大的制作人 Don Joe(Club Dogo、Marracash、Måneskin、Max Pezzali、Irene Lamedica、Sottotono、Dargen D’Amico、Jake La Furia、Gué Pequeno、Montenero、Clara Moroni、Emis Killa 等)联手为您带来 Sounda。

Sounda 是 Fire 系列中的第一个艺术家插件(VST/AU/AAX),它为当代混音工程师和制作人提供了强大的均衡器,只需几个简单的控制,就能将多白金录音工程师 Salvatore Addeo 20 年的专业经验和制作人 Don Joe 30 年的经验融为一体。

使用 Sounda,您可以在混音中最重要的元素上获得专业、现代的声音:鼓、人声、贝司等等。Sounda 可以帮助消除不必要的对多个插件的摆弄,这种摆弄往往会拖慢混音工程师的工作流程和创造力。有了 Sounda,整个过程变得更简单、更快捷、更具音乐性和顶级专业性,因为选择合适工具的工作已经由参与此项目的专业人员在上游完成了。这些屡获殊荣的专家已将他们数十年的技术诀窍提炼成一款高效的音频混音插件。


Sounda 是为您的流行音乐、EDM、嘻哈音乐、rap 和电子音乐制作增添 “额外元素 “的完美选择。如果您想获得有冲击力的踢踏声、细腻的低音、充满光线和空间感的人声,或者您只是想通过简单的几下点击为您的乐器增加体感。Sounda 可以为您做到这一切,甚至更多。


音库已完全解密、解压,删除了与 DRM 相关的臃肿内容,并建立了干净的音库。

Acustica 先生说:

> 他们以与我们相同的

> 我们的测试方法一样。


> 我们已经对

> 盗版。

正如我们在 AA Framework 版本中解释的那样,他们不断更新 DRM。(摘自 NFO:总之,A 产品和 B 产品的保护措施有很多细微差别)。

我们在上个月也看到了 DRM 的更新。双蝎定义的新方式:


但我们可以说,他可以更新他的贴心 DRM,而不必对盗版感兴趣:)

Acustica and the team at Improve your Mix (the number one pro audio portal in Italy) have joined forces with one of the top Italian mixing engineers, Salvatore Addeo, and one of Italy’s greatest producers, Don Joe (Club Dogo, Marracash, Måneskin, Max Pezzali, Irene Lamedica, Sottotono, Dargen D’Amico, Jake La Furia, Gué Pequeno, Montenero, Clara Moroni, Emis Killa and many others) to bring you Sounda.

Sounda is the first Artist plugin (VST/AU/AAX) in the Fire series, with a powerful EQ for the contemporary mixing engineer and producer that encapsulates the 20 years’ professional experience of multi-platinum recording engineer Salvatore Addeo, added to the 30 years’ experience of producer Don Joe in just a few simple controls.

The Essential Tool for Modern Producers

With Sounda you can achieve a professional, modern sound on the most important elements of the mix: drums, vocals, bass, and much more. Sounda can help eliminate the unnecessary fiddling around with multiple plugins that often slows down a mixing engineer’s workflow and creativity. With Sounda, the process is simpler, quicker, more musical and top-of-the-line professional, because the leg work of choosing the right tools for the job has already been done upstream by the professionals involved in this project. These award-winning experts have distilled their decades of know-how into one single, effective plugin for audio mixing.

Add rich analog vibes to your tracks

Sounda is the perfect choice to give your pop, EDM, hip-hop, trap and electronica productions that “something extra.” If you’re going for a punchy kick and snare, a detailed bass, an airy vocal with lots of light and space – or maybe you’re just looking to add body to your instruments with a few simple clicks. Sounda can do all that for you and more.

A witch says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

Mr.Acustica says :

> they packaged the products the same

> way we do for testing.

Thanks for clarifying that our release is as pure as your developing version (without any protection).

> we’ve become disinterested in

> piracy.

As we explained in our AA Framework release, they continuously updated the DRM. (From NFO : Anyway, there are many small differences in the protection between product A and B.)

We saw DRM update in the last month too. The new way of dual-scorpion definition :


But let’s say, he can update his sweet DRM without being interested in piracy :)